Be an Original

a be yourself

When I was writing my book, The Right Relationship Starts with You back in 2012, I was concerned about whether or not the information I was discussing was too repetitive or similar to other personal development authors or sources.

My editor’s response at the time was, There is no new information under the sun.”

She meant that although there is much written about a certain topic such as meditation, for example, there is no single individual who can claim ownership of the practice itself.

Therefore, our uniqueness comes from sharing our own experience, ingenuity, voice, and style, when conveying thoughts about any topic being discussed.

Celebrating our distinctiveness and creating the best version of ourselves is a wonderful experience, and far more valuable than a copied version of someone else.

How are you celebrating your individuality today?


Bring Forth Your Best Self

a freedom

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

– Michelangelo

It has been said that when Michelangelo was asked how he carved his marble masterpiece of the biblical hero David, he responded by saying, “I chipped away everything that wasn’t David.” 

He spent years sculpting and chiseling away all that was blocking his image of David from coming forth within the marble that surrounded him.

This is analogous to how our life experiences can sculpt and shape us as well.

Even though some of us learned more beneficial ways to deal with life situations than others, we all tend to have certain thought patterns, habits or manners in which we behave that block our best selves from shining forth.

We can get lost behind stored up anger, frustration, low self-esteem, and depression that come from accumulated disappointments and loss.

This collection of emotional baggage can hide the best version of ourselves, and keep us from discovering our true nature behind it.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Emotional Baggage Poster

Therefore, in order to unpack some of our unresolved concerns or burdens we have to take a look inside, and inventory the contents.

A good way to start is by taking some time alone to write out any troubling situations, thoughts, and feelings in detail without judgement.

This helps us find out what is weighing us down, and draining our emotional energy. From there, we gain awareness and compassion for ourselves while seeing what actions we can take.

Maybe we’ll discover we need to spend more time with supportive people, forgive someone or set some boundaries and ask for help.

What processes have helped you lighten your journey?


Delight in Being You

a human2

“Make the experience of living with you the most wonderful experience imaginable. Wake up in the morning so thrilled to find yourself and feel the joy of spending another day with you.” 

— Louise Hay

Happy New Year!

May the above quote inspire you to love yourself more, criticize yourself less, and experience more joy in your own company this year.


Start with a Big Hug!

a hug

Take a Different View

a oceanview

We just returned from a beach getaway which was complete with a room overlooking the ocean. It was wonderful to wake each day to see the beautiful expanse of water before us, and sleep to the sound of the waves each night.

Usually, we’ll take a less idyllic room location in favor of using those upgraded funds for recreational purposes outside the hotel. Though we did get out and have our fun in the sun, it made a big difference to treat ourselves to the experience of the view we had from the balcony too.

Having a different viewpoint can affect many other areas of our life as well, even the way we view the holidays can greatly change our experience of them.

For myself, for years I viewed the holidays with great sadness because my mother had died the middle of December many years ago.

Each time the season rolled around, it brought up all that was absent from my life, and how much I missed her.

However, now I view the holidays as a time for celebrating all the blessings in my life, and expressing gratitude for having a wonderful mother like I did.

Not that holiday time is the only time for experiencing these wonderful feelings but it is fun to join in with others who are acknowledging their gratitude too, and expressing it through their own holiday traditions.

A friend was telling me the other day that she and her family will collect ornaments when on vacation or other special places throughout the year, and make their Christmas tree a memory tree.

So, each year when they decorate the tree, they happily reminisce about those times they shared together.

What traditions or activities do you engage in to make this time so special?

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!






Practice Non-Resistance

a worry2

None of us likes when things don’t go the way we want them to. Naturally, it is our inclination to try and control an offending situation such as divorce, illness or unemployment, by forcing solutions more to our liking.

Usually, we believe that if we aren’t worrying or stressing over a problem, we aren’t doing anything about our discomfort.

Unfortunately, our resistance to what is happening can cause more problems than solutions. It often produces more stress, anxiety and pain than the circumstance we are resisting, making the upset even worse.

Therefore, we can practice non-resistance and let go of our inner torment and fear by accepting the present situation as it is, while trying to view it as something ultimately meant for our good, growth and healing.

This idea can be appalling to many of us because certain circumstances do not feel good, and accepting a situation the way it is can make us feel powerless and passive.

However, accepting a situation reduces the internal fighting, and frees up our hearts and minds to navigate more successfully through any challenge we face.

It frees up our energy for more mindful thoughts, actions and practices that bring us peace, without wasting our energy on worry and resistance. It is not always easy to release our fears and concerns but prayer is often a good first start.

With that in mind, I have provided a prayer below that I saw in a Unity church newsletter, and thought I would pass it along as a source of comfort for anyone going through a challenging time this holiday season and beyond.


Living, loving Spirit, during this time of silence I release and let go of all my worries, and open to that higher and infinite power that supports me, guides and directs me, feeds my soul and strengthens my Spirit. 

I release all concerns, knowing that we are all connected, and that there is always a higher plan for my life.  I open myself to that divine plan, and to the guidance and direction of Spirit. 

I know that all things are working for my good.  I know that Spirit only wants the best for me, and its power is greater than any situation I face. 

Thank you in advance, for providing positive outcomes that will bless me and everyone involved.  With faith in this truth, I am at peace and free of all worry. 





Dream a New Dream

a dream

On the phone the other day, I was talking with someone about her desires for the future, and she said she needed to “Dream a new dream.’

The beauty of that statement has really stuck with me.

How often have we made our precise plans, and then a situation occurs that alters our direction but leads us to better outcomes for our ultimate well-being?

Like those jobs or relationships we thought we had to have but were denied, only to be blessed with an even better job or relationship down the road.

In her case, it seems that over a course of many years, she had been taking all the appropriate steps to make her specific intentions materialize, and all was evolving quite nicely until several months ago.

Due to some unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, she has recently been faced with having to adjust her plans.

Instead of abandoning her ideas and hope altogether, she plans to proceed to make her goals a reality but just not in the exact way or timetable she originally imagined.

Her positive attitude, flexibility, and strength are an inspiration.

What derailed plans of yours turned out to be blessings in disguise?

Help When You Can

a help needed

I am very touched by the passion and heart that my friend Jennie has for all animals and especially doggies. She mentioned today that a puppy was recently rescued from a dumpster, and is in need of many tests and medicines to get him in healthy shape.

She has personally donated many dollars of her own toward his recovery at the veterinary hospital called, VetMed in Arizona, and is asking for any donation amount toward his immediate care needs.

Rather than just individually donating some money, I thought I would also pass this information along, so that a larger accumulation of funds could get there in the shortest amount of time.

The dog’s name is Trooper, and due to the timely needs of this sweet puppy, she is asking that we call the veterinary hospital at 602-697-4694 up to midnight tonight or in the morning and mention Trooper’s name for our funds to go to the right destination.

Having a personal passion is a wonderful experience, and observing it in others can be a very healing and contagious experience as well.

What cause brings joy and enthusiasm to your life?