Training Your Mind

One of the most nurturing things you can do for yourself on a daily basis is to become more conscious of your inner dialogue. The conversations you have with yourself in the privacy of your own mind can make you feel wonderful or terrible, depending on the quality of your thoughts. When your self-talk is primarily negative, then the partner you attract will likely be negative as well, because it’s really true that your thoughts create your reality. Thinking negatively does nothing to help you feel good about yourself and is self-defeating in so many ways. Conversely, thinking and saying positive things will attract empowering experiences and people to you. This is because your thoughts create your feelings, and you attract what you think about.

So, the more uplifting and happier your self-talk, the more you’ll generate good feelings within you and draw more joyful experiences toward you. This spiritual truth offers you a great opportunity to consciously use your mind for something productive and meaningful, rather than giving in to the low-level thoughts you may currently create.

What doesn’t work is to look to others, in the hopes that they will make you feel good about yourself. If you’re still telling yourself negative things, you will ultimately end up feeling bad again no matter what goes on in the outside world. Just about everyone gets into mental ruts at times; however, you do have the power to change what you think and say. Therefore, if you find that you’re being hard on yourself and blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong, you can combat this negative chatter by replacing it with inner dialogue that is nurturing.

Action step:

— Reframe your thoughts.

Notice when you’re not feeling good, and then stop and reframe what you’re saying to yourself in that moment. Choosing good-feeling thoughts such as I have so many opportunities today, instead of I’m so bored, will immediately boost your emotional energy. Keep training your mind to consciously do this throughout the day until it becomes automatic and natural for you. Make feeling good a top priority, and know that no matter what is happening around you, it’s up to you to shift the way you feel.

When you understand that no other person has the ability to accomplish this for you, it’s a liberating truth, and creates less dependency on others. As a result, it makes you less likely to waste a lot of time running around looking for love, relying on the praise and attention of others, or worrying about being liked or not. Instead, you are in a constant state of loving yourself, which is the foundation for creating a healthy life.

Now- how would your life change if you upgraded your inner dialogue every day?


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