Gifts in Disguise

Sometimes, the events and people that show up in our life may not seem like positive things on the face of it, so we judge them as being either “good” or “bad” depending on whether they’re serving us at the time. If we like what’s happening, then it must be good; and if we don’t, then it’s bad. To illustrate this idea, I have provided an example that looked bad on the surface, but that ended up being really good in the end. A friend of mine told me this story about someone she knew, and it has always stuck with me:

There was a woman who was very excited about the prospect of having her hair done in New York City by a well-known, highly regarded hair stylist. Due to the expense involved, she saved for many months and spoke of nothing else. Finally, the day arrived and she traveled to New York to undergo this highly anticipated hair transformation. But the reality was that she received a terrible haircut and was treated rudely by the stylist. With her spirit crushed and her hair ruined, she fled the salon in tears of disbelief, only to literally run into a man on her way out, causing her purse to open and all its contents to spill out on the ground. Fortunately, this man helped her recover her belongings and so much more—they ultimately ended up getting married.

The moral of the story is that this woman thought that the intent of her trip to New York was to get her hair done, but the universe had other plans. What at first seemed like a mini disaster transformed into one of the greatest joys of her life. The reason I’ve related this story is to remind us that this type of thing occurs so often in life—that is, what may appear to be a tragedy is actually a great gift.

So it’s important to be open to the miracles that surround us each day so we don’t miss out on the opportunities that appear right in front of us. It is a good reminder that sometimes things are happening for our highest good and don’t always occur in the way we expected, but can end up being better than we imagined.


Reflect on situations that seemed “bad” at the time but ultimately proved to be gifts in disguise.

6 thoughts on “Gifts in Disguise

  1. I have become so much more in tune to these mini miracles. I think it is a matter of changing our perspective to understand that everything happens for a reason. There are no accidents or coincidences. When new people come into my life, I am so intrigued to discover what lessons they have to share with me about my own self and growth. It’s been pretty magical.

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