Grateful Heart

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.”

— Helen Keller

Having a grateful heart makes us aware of all the wonderful things we currently have in our life, and an appreciation for all the gifts we’ve been given in the past. When we acknowledge and give thanks for all our blessings, it reduces the tendency to take things for granted.

Increasing our awareness on a daily basis of all the good we have now and wish to receive, begins with “gratitude thinking.”

We can begin this thought process by focusing on the following:

— Embrace the moment. When we appreciate everything in the present and embrace life, we start to ease up, relax and take each day as it comes. We can be playful, have fun, and look on the bright side. We might look back on our life history and, in retrospect, see how many things turned out in our favor. If we would have known it was all going to work out, then we would have enjoyed ourselves more instead of worrying. This can help us enjoy the present more by trusting that all is exactly the way it’s supposed to be at this time in our life.

Be thankful for our current blessings. We can look around and see what we can be grateful for now, such as good health, supportive friends, and a loving family, to name a few. Being appreciative of what we already have is a wonderful way to thank life for all we have been given. This may seem tough if what we have isn’t exactly what we want, and we’re struggling in some way. However, even struggles can bring about miracles, such as the resulting self-growth that comes from taking positive actions that we may have been putting off.

— Be grateful for what comes our way. When we appreciate what we already have, then it seems like our good energy and feelings of thankfulness, attracts even more gifts. When we feel deserving of nice things, then we can enjoy what shows up for us even more. Sometimes what comes to us may be confusing, but we might later discover that there were lessons to be learned. If we believe that everything happens for a reason and for our highest good, then we can appreciate that the events and people that show up in our life provides a divinely inspired purpose.


A good way to maintain a feeling of gratitude is to write down five or more things you’re grateful for each day, and really feel the appreciation.

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