Affirm Your Intentions

Affirming your intentions is a way of stating your desires as if they reflect your current reality. This sets the stage for creating what you want to occur by clarifying what you wish to achieve. When you state affirmations such as: “I now have a beautiful relationship,” even if this is not yet the case, it is a declaration of your intent, which elevates your feelings to one of joyful anticipation. That’s why it’s always good to say positive affirmations in the present tense.

If you speak in the future tense—for example, saying “I will have a beautiful relationship,” it keeps your goal out there, where you can’t grasp it yet, rather than in the here-and-now. Also, the more you feel good in the present about the realization of your dreams, the more easily you attract them to you. This type of expectant thinking and feeling serves to magnetically pull the right people and situations toward you. In time, you will find that your entire emotional landscape transforms for the better.

For example, a friend of mine experienced a profound positive effect and life transformation, as a result of stating her intentions by saying positive affirmations prior to getting a liver transplant. During the year that she was waiting to be called from the list of those awaiting livers, she silently gave thanks ahead of time for her successful surgery before she ever had the operation by continually saying, “Thank you for my healing.”

She kept affirming on a daily basis that she would get a donor and that the procedure would turn out wonderfully. Engaging in this process not only gave her hope, but also sent good energy out into the universe, which helped create a successful outcome. This positive mind-set gave her the mental and emotional strength she needed to prepare for her life-saving surgery.

The result was that she recovered very quickly and was able to resume her normal life within weeks of getting the transplant. The hospital staff continually commented on how positive and upbeat she was, and simply assumed this was due to her rapid recovery. But she believes that it was the quality of her thoughts that contributed to the positive outcome and having a strong belief works miracles.

If saying positive affirmations can make this kind of difference for someone like my friend, imagine what it can do in your daily life and relationships.

So, if attracting and creating a wonderful relationship is one of your intentions, then you will want to say positive affirmations and focus on the positive traits in your friends, relatives, and even strangers. This makes you feel good about the world as a whole, and serves to draw more of the qualities you seek in a partner to you, by emitting good energy from your optimistic thoughts.

Also, this acknowledgement develops the habit of looking for the good in people instead of focusing on their faults. Those around you intuitively sense your positive demeanor and will be naturally attracted to you. This is the case with all types of relationships: friendship, business, and of course, romantic.


Make a commitment to saying positive affirmations and thinking well of others on a daily basis. This will become a welcome habit as you begin to experience all the positive effects from it. Just starting with the two listed below will go a long way toward developing this healthy daily practice.

“There is a gift in every experience and person I meet.”

“Everything I need comes to me with ease and love.”

9 thoughts on “Affirm Your Intentions

  1. Excellent post! Positive affirmations help us get into and maintain the kind of right-mindedness that gives rise to happiness and healing. I would encourage everyone to follow this wise advice.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! Your positive feedback is much appreciated and it sounds like you have a lot of experience with affirmations as well. Blessings, Cathie

  2. I’m a firm believer in words that give you life and proclaim healing everyday. I thought of myself of being a person centered in the here and now but I know I am also a visionary too. Thank you for your recent visit. I look forward to reading more of your post.

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