Action is the Key

Taking actions to enhance your life is a positive application of your time and energy. As you look within yourself, you will not only improve your own quality of life, but be an inspiration to others as well. Your confidence will grow as you make an effort to relate better with others, practice tolerance, compassion, and basically, treat others as you would have them treat you.

Self-exploration is not about fault finding, making anyone wrong, or blaming yourself for anything. It’s about discovering those areas that might need upgrading, so that you can create and experience the kind of future you desire. The personal changes you make go a long way toward shaping your decisions and problem solving abilities.

Many of the steps and pathways to emotional health and healing can be off-putting or intimidating at first. However, once you start to experience the empowering results that come from your actions, you’ll feel excited about this process and want to expand your world even more. Feeling stressed, upset, or discouraged goes against the intent of good self-care, so you’ll want to begin slowly.

You could start by answering the questions below which will encourage you to think about the areas in which you may need to grow more fully in your relationships. When we ask the right questions, we often get much more valuable and useful answers.

1. Why do I attract the kinds of friends or partners I have?

2. Why do I continue to stay with my mate when I feel so dissatisfied?

3. Am I able to look at the relationship from my partner’s perspective?

4. Do I communicate lovingly with my significant other?

5. Do I have the characteristics within myself that I desire in someone else?

6. What would make me feel great in a relationship?

7. Do I feel deserving of a wonderful partnership?

8. Do I treat my mate with the same respect that I desire?

As you review your answers, you will gather the insight needed to create better results. They will help guide you to be more disciplined as you move forward, and help avoid falling into negative patterns from the past.

Your journey in life may not be a one-way trip to bliss, as there will naturally be twists and turns along the road to self-discovery. It’s easy to get discouraged at those times and stop doing the things that could help you to feel good.

However, the action process is infinitely more gratifying than living out the consequences of an unexplored life. Actively making choices for your own well-being creates wonderful experiences that passivity can never provide.

Action Step:

Begin to experience a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with yourself by spending some time contemplating your answers to the questions above. This type of reflection is an experience not to be missed.

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