Pay Attention to the Details

When my current husband and I were just getting to know each other, we were at a mutual friend’s home for a Christmas party, and there were many guests in attendance. One of the female guests was flirting with several of the males at the party, and she was creating quite a scene, dancing around and so forth.

Many of these men were encouraging this behavior and disrespecting their wives by participating in some inappropriate responses to the woman. I noticed that my future husband was not encouraging her in any way, and actually walked away from her to stand by my side instead.

We spent the entire evening talking and laughing while the other men continued to flirt and carry on with this woman. His actions and character spoke volumes to me that night; and even to this day, he always treats me with the utmost respect.

When I started paying more attention to the details, nuances, and actions of my potential partners, instead of just listening to the words I was hearing, it led to making a great choice in a mate.

Similarly, when I started paying more attention to the details within myself and the ways in which I needed to modify my own behavior, it helped me grow into becoming a better choice in a partner for someone else, as well.

I don’t believe things would have worked out so well, without making the positive changes that prepared me to recognize a healthy partner.

One could say I was just lucky to have met my husband but I once heard that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” and I believe this to be true.

When you’re doing the inner work necessary for your own self-growth, it prepares you for the right people and events, and gives you the courage to seize the opportunities that present themselves.

When we are paying attention to the details, then the circumstances that arise will no longer seem coincidental or merely a “lucky” circumstance but a result of our deliberate preparation.


Start to notice the details within and around you. Be prepared for the opportunities that arise.


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