Practice Visualizing

In the same way that positive thinking and affirmations lay the groundwork for creating a successful present and future, so does the practice of visualization. It is a way of adding mental pictures to the words you are saying and is therefore, another powerful tool for producing what you want. Visualization allows you to “see” what you want and believe it can be a reality by providing a mental “coming attraction” or rehearsal, for the new reality you’re creating.

For example, we did this when we were looking for a house several years ago. We pictured ourselves in our dream home and pasted the picture of a house we wanted onto a piece of paper for added emphasis. Then, we put the picture on the refrigerator with a positive statement underneath it that read, “We now live in a beautiful new home, in an environment we love, surrounded by terrific neighbors, with wonderful privacy all around, at a great price.”

However, it’s important to note that we didn’t get the exact house we had on the refrigerator but we received one that was so much better. So, it isn’t that our visualization combined with positive affirmations didn’t work, because it did ultimately bring us all the things we wanted and so much more.

The more important thing to take from this example is the power that visualizing can have in bringing our desires to us, however, they may not arrive in exactly the form we assign. So, in the case of our house, maybe the original one we put on the refrigerator wouldn’t have had the terrific neighbors or the wonderful privacy we thought it would. However, by being open, asking, picturing and trusting we were brought a different, better house that fit all the characteristics that we had desired.

So, you could begin by selecting something specific that you want or focusing on an area of your life where you are interested in making a shift. Then, start thinking about the kind of scenario you desire, and picture it clearly in your mind. From that mental image, you will want to accompany it with a matching physical picture representation as well (like we did with the picture of the house).

You could cut out a collage of pictures out of magazines that include pictures of places you want to travel to, an intimate relationship, or someone with vibrant health. Once you have all the pictures cut out, you can glue them to a piece of paper or poster board and then place it where you can look at it every day. The combination of mental and physical visualizations will work magic in your life.

However, you don’t have to postpone your happiness until the desired manifestation occurs because living joyfully in the present is part of the process as well. Visualization is simply another way to make you aware of how powerful your mind can be in drawing to you what you imagine.


As you picture the area of your life where you are most interested in making a shift, try the visualization exercise below:

Close your eyes…. take some deep easy breaths… Allow your body to relax……. let your shoulders, neck, back, and stomach relax and let go…… Let the gentle rhythm of your breath take you into a more and more quiet place….. Now bring to mind what you want in a specific area of your life. It could be a wonderful relationship, improved health, greater prosperity, or a meaningful career….. Imagine what your life would be like if this were already a reality! Imagine ALL the details……. Really FEEL this new reality as strongly as you can….. Feel the joy and the excitement…….Now bring your awareness back to this time and place……Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

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