Find Your Bliss

There are some really interesting, fun, and informative blogs out there. It is educational and enlightening to see all of the different ways people choose to live each day, and all the diverse ways in which they experience life. It can be tempting to think that everyone spends their time in the same way we do.

I find it amazing how different our lives can look and yet our needs are pretty much the same. We all most likely want to be loved, acknowledged and accepted. However, we all go about getting those needs met in different ways. It can be interesting to reflect upon the fact that we don’t all live the same cookie cutter existence.

So, thanks for sharing all of the various ways we can live our lives through your blogs. It is fun to see all of the diversity through those who are skilled photographers, artists, writers, etc.

If we could hear everyone’s life story, it would be fascinating to see how people ended up where they are in life and their chosen hobbies or careers.  I always enjoy hearing how someone’s life unfolded, as they evolved from being kids to becoming movie stars, professional athletes, etc. It is such an important process to find out what is at the heart, creativity and passions in each of us.

For example, many people love to create and experience the feeling of seeing a project evolve from the ground up. To see what started as a mere idea or thought in our imagination, and then watch it come to life, through our own specific form of expression, is truly a wonderful experience. Others may choose to climb mountains, swim with the dolphins, travel to exotic places, or simply relax and just “be” with what is.

So, it is important not to label the lifestyles of others or ourselves as being right or wrong, or good or bad. The beauty is that we all don’t choose the same way to live and as a result, we aren’t all competing for the same house, career or relationship. Thankfully, we all have different talents and abilities to bring to the world and share with one another.

The key is to find your own particular bliss, passion, and style, and live in a way that is congruent with who you at the core. Personal growth is not necessarily meant to change who you are at the core, but to help you to live as you are at the core.

For example, if you are living in the city but love the country, or living in the desert when you love the water, then it is important to put yourself in the environment that is in alignment with who you really are. Therefore, internal growth means matching your internal calling or what innately brings you joy, to your external location or circumstance.

Today, our external situations may not be ideal and match what we ultimately want to be doing or where we ultimately want to be living. This may be because we have certain family demands, careers, or any number of temporary situations that need our attention at this point in time. However, we ultimately need to align ourselves with our true desires and then head in that direction.

Action Step:

Are you living in alignment with what brings you joy? What can you do today to help align yourself with what is true for you?

4 thoughts on “Find Your Bliss

  1. I’m at a stage where my true passions are starting to take precedence in life. It’s funny as we get older, what’s right for us in our 20’s to our 30’s, 40’s and onwards will change for each person. An inspiring blog you have regarding finding those moments which do work in day to day life and just going with it!

    • Excellent comments! thank you very much. It is so true, how our desires change or become more evident as time goes by. Glad to read you are going for it and honoring your true passions.

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