Telephone Class Coaching Event

I have received many requests to perform a coaching class based on the material presented in this blog. I really appreciate the positive response, and as a result, have put together a coaching event, scheduled for July 18th.

There has been a particularly high interest in the post entitled, Shine Your Light, so I have chosen to use that as the basis for our discussion. Tele-classes are a wonderful way to assemble a wide variety of people from many backgrounds and geographic locations. The course offers you a way to enhance your current understanding of the material, while doing so from the privacy of your own home.

Judging from the very thoughtful comments I have received thus far, I anticipate a very inspirational and lively discussion.

Additionally, I will introduce an exercise that will bring out your best, and help you to ‘Shine Your Light’, as you live your most authentic life possible!

The course will be held via a bridge line, in a conference call format.  As the date draws near, I will send each registrant the applicable phone number to access the class.

For more specific information regarding class time and registration, please click here to reach my website.

I look forward to all of the wonderful sharing!



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