Start Your Day Over


I love the idea that we can start our day over at any point throughout the day, and don’t have to wait until tomorrow to begin again. By choosing to start our day over, we can prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering and salvage the remainder of any challenging day.

Certainly, the loss of a loved one or other traumatic event is beyond the scope of this particular conversation and not so easily repaired.

However, occurrences such as getting stuck in traffic, arriving late to work or forgetting our notes for a class presentation can be annoying, but they do not have to shape our whole day.

How we respond in these scenarios makes all the difference. Our attitude means everything!

Just like on a movie set, the director yells, “Cut” whenever a scene isn’t going as desired; we can do the same with the scenes from our own life as well.

Even if we can’t always redo “our lines” like actors on a stage or change a specific event or circumstance; there are several ways we can change our emotional state and therefore, change our day at any moment:

Take a time out.

We can take a deep breath, and silently say an uplifting affirmation such as, “I choose peace, calm, and joy knowing that all is well.”

Plan in advance.

We can affirm that, “This is going to be a great day, no matter what.” Even if someone else is not happy or tries to bring us down with them, we are in control of how we handle our feelings.

Break the day into parts.

Start breaking the day down to mornings, afternoons and evenings. So, for example, if we abandon our diet in the morning, rather than saying we will start again tomorrow, we can start over at lunch instead.

Let go of the unpleasant event.

Whatever happened so far today is over and that leaves the rest of the day to turn it around. We can start over by remembering that we are right here, right now.

Choose our focus.

Put our attention on what has gone right today, and not on what has gone wrong.

Focus on gratitude.

No matter what occurs throughout the day, we can stop and express gratitude for being alive and for all our many blessings.

Action Step:

Start your day over by focusing on something positive today.

8 thoughts on “Start Your Day Over

  1. What a fabulous post! With all the advice swirling around us daily, I don’t believe anyone has ever broken it down to this level. We all are familiar with one incident ruining our day and now you have shown us that it doesn’t have to be this way. Thank you for this wonderfully insightful post.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your beautiful comments! It is so true how ‘one incident can ruin our day’ if we let it. None of us does this perfectly, but with awareness we can often more quickly recognize when we are allowing our day to be ruined, and change it quicker as well, with positive thoughts and actions.

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