Expand Your Horizons

By expanding my horizons, I easily dissolve limitations.

Louise L. Hay

In her book entitled, Meditations to Heal Your Life, author Louise L. Hay presents a number of daily meditations to help start your day off in the right direction. Below is a sample of one of those inspiring readings:

Life really is free and easy. It is my thinking that is difficult, limited, shame-based, or not good enough. If I open myself to unlearning some of my limited thinking patterns and learning something new, then I can grow and change. Or do I already know it all?

The trouble with knowing it all is that I don’t get to grow, and nothing new can come in. Do I really accept that there’s a Power and an Intelligence greater than I am? Or do I think I’m the whole thing?

If I think I’m it, then of course I’m frightened. If I realize that there’s a Power and an Intelligence in this Universe far greater and brighter than I am, and which is on my side, then I can move into that mental space where life can operate freely and easily.

Action Step:

Expand your horizons by allowing yourself to learn something new.

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