Make Room for the New


When we start to care for ourselves in one area, amazing things start to happen in other areas as well.  It has a ripple effect that can lead to some interesting and surprising places.

For example, I started taking dancing classes at the end of last year to enhance my level of physical fitness. At the time, I had no idea that the dancing and the good feelings that come from it, would lead to making my living space more fit as well.

My newly revitalized state of mind has energized me into clearing away the accumulated clutter of old receipts, files, and books around the house. It has been an effortless process and a cathartic experience at the same time.

Beyond just having a more visibly organized living area; there is a deeper sense of peace, and order in my internal world as well.

Creating more space in both of these environments has made more room for the new to arrive. Internally, I’ve experienced renewed insights, thoughts, and ideas; while externally, I’ve encountered tangible items to support my current needs.

For instance, there were some recent problems with the security system on my computer. Soon after the problem arose, I happened to turn on the television and a computer security system was being advertised by a reputable source. Not only was the timing amazing but so is the product!

We are often being led to the things we need by the signs that present themselves within and outside ourselves. When we are open and receptive to the messages we get, we are less likely to write them off as a mere ‘coincidence.’

organization 3

For some people, being organized is automatic and never an issue, but for others it is an ongoing challenge that requires more planning and direction.

Therefore, below is a sampling of some of the small but significant things we can do to improve our external surroundings. These small actions can lead to some big internal improvements as well.

  1. Instead of throwing our clothes on the bed, and hanging them up later, we can do it right away.
  2. When opening the sock drawer and seeing a disarray of unmatched socks, we can take a few minutes and straighten it up.
  3. When bringing in the mail, instead of putting the pile to the side to sort later, we can go through it and discard any advertisements or catalogs we don’t want.
  4. If going for a pen in the ‘junk drawer’, we can stop and straighten it up if messy.
  5. When finding something we no longer need like books we have already read, we can give them away.
  6. We can go through old files, one file at a time and therefore, not feel overwhelmed.
  7. We can wipe up any fingerprint marks on the door and other small messes as needed.
  8. We can begin discarding expired medication. 
  9. When entering the garage, we can break down old cardboard boxes that are taking up space and throw them out.
  10. When entering our closet, we can organize our shoes if need be.

Enjoy the process of removing the clutter, and engaging in self-care pursuits. You never know where it may lead!

Action Step:

Do something new today. Maybe sign up for a class, take a walk or clean out a drawer and see where it takes you.

24 thoughts on “Make Room for the New

  1. A wonderful post, Cathie! Admittedly, I cringed at the recommendation to give away books that have already been read. But I do get the point. Have a wonderful weekend! Sloan

    • Yes, there are definitely favorite books to keep! Glad you knew where I was going with that point! 🙂 Recently, I gave away many books to the homeless shelter. Someone I know who volunteers there, said they have a library of donated books. It felt good to know they went to good use! Blessings, Cathie

      • Cathie, I’m not surprised at your generosity and giving books to the homeless shelter is a great idea! I may do that myself, if I can ever bring myself to turn loose of one of them. 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend! S

      • Thank you Sloan! I only gave away those that I was fully READY to give away! No need to release those you are currently enjoying, even if you have already read them! 🙂 Enjoy the weekend too!

  2. I do so love de cluttering… and there is always more. We have done som ein the attic today and I cna give 3 children’s games away and we filled 2 bins with cardboard boxes and old files from 10 years ago. It feels so good doing it, luckily my son loves it too, he loves it tidy and does not keep everything. Still we will do more another time! Love the post!

    • I love it! I felt lighter just reading about your attic cleaning! What a wonderful added benefit that your son enjoys everything organized as well. It really is a terrific feeling to de-clutter and simplify! Thanks for sharing your experiences with it too!

    • I loved this post. I believe there is something spiritual about giving stuff away to people who can appreciate it.

      • Thank you so much! I am glad you connected with this post! I love what you said about there being ‘something spiritual’ about passing things on to people who need it! That is a beautiful image and feeling!

  3. I read your post AFTER I cleaned out my sweaters. It made me smile. I go get a really great feeling when I have cleaned out or organized just one little area. It works for me. I should have taken the dance class though!

    • Yes, it does seem like those expiration dates come very quickly! And, files and such can get very overcrowded in a hurry. It has been wonderful to toss and shred the excess! Hope you enjoy the process too! 🙂

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