Claim Your Magnificence!

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Dr. Patricia Crane is the author of Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations and has also written and produced several audio tapes on meditation, visualization, and stress reduction.

In addition to earning her Ph.D. in social psychology, she has also trained with Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, and Marianne Williamson as well.

Patricia has a wonderful way with words, as her beautifully written declaration below so magnificently illustrates.


Magnificence Proclamation

Today is your day to claim your magnificence! Know that you have a unique place on the planet and a unique contribution to make.

You are in the process of becoming the masterpiece you were meant to be. In that process, remember to lovingly embrace ALL parts of yourself.

Your masterpiece is already in your consciousness, and now the brushstrokes of your life are filling it in. Feel vibrant, alive, enthusiastic, loving, and joyous!

Your joy is contagious. Support yourself in your magnificent blossoming and support others in theirs. Know that you are responsible for creating your life in the way you desire, and others are responsible for theirs.

Your birthright is to enjoy harmonious relationships, unlimited prosperity, vibrant health, work that you love, and an abundance of happiness.

Lovingly notice any limiting thoughts that are not in alignment with your birthright and gently weed them from your inner garden.

Forgive the past, allow the present, and trust the future.

Claim and express the magnificent being that you are!

Action Step:

Read this proclamation often.

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