Make Valuable Use of Your Time

bucket list

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions are times for celebrating with loved ones and enjoying all the merriment that goes along with that. However, it is also a marker of the passing of time which brings reflection and often new revelations. We rejoice in the goals already realized, and excitedly anticipate those that are still on the horizon.

Time is a wonderful gift that is given to us minute by minute each day. Each of us spends our allotted hours in our own unique way. What makes each of us happy may vary from person to person but universally we all want to be healthy, loved and secure.

As the years goes by, we start to value our time more and become more discerning with whom and how we spend it. Many of us start to turn our ‘someday’ goals into ‘current’ goals in order to seize the day right now.

We often hear of the ‘bucket list’ for those that don’t have much time to live, but it is also a valuable list for those who want to live better. It highlights what is important to each of us and provides a list of goals we would like to accomplish.

Without goals, sometimes our precious life can become directionless like sitting in front of the television for more hours than is beneficial.

Usually, goals work best when followed by some kind of time frame. So, if your goal is to take a vacation, then making plans and setting a date is a great way to make that desire a reality. Otherwise, it may stay in the category of ‘someday’ and never come to fruition.

There is a feeling that we have all the time in the world to try new things or explore new places. However, that is not necessarily true. As we get older, we realize how precious time is, and that we need to make the most of each day right now.

Just as things tend to change with time, so do many of us. What might have been a good idea last year; might not be true for us today. For example, the career or relationship we chose in our twenties may no longer be a good fit for us now.

Many of us have endured certain situations or people in order to get along in the past but are less likely to tolerate those same conditions in our advancing age.

Reflecting on where we have been, and using that to enhance our current lives is a beautiful use of our wisdom and experiences. All the wonderful occasions and milestones in our lives give us joyful reminders to make valuable use of our time, and not take anyone or anything for granted.

What goal is in your someday list that you can do today?

Action Step:

Create a bucket list of desires, and keep it where you will see it often as motivation to start checking things off.

15 thoughts on “Make Valuable Use of Your Time

  1. Once more your post is on the spot for me. Just yesterday I had one of those encounters where I noticed, that I am not tolarable anymore of some kind of energies. Please get me right: I do tolerate people’s choice of walking along a path and living energies that I do not choose for myself. I just don’t tolerate spending or being forced to spend my own time with it, anymore.

    Instead I choose to use my energy to walk my own path and nourish my own desires. I allow seperate ways for those energies that do not resonate and, I allow space for encounters of resonating energies.

    A bucket list does work great in my experience. I often make such lists in my life and then tend to forget about it. When I find those lists, again, much later, and look at them I usually notice that my wishes came true – although sometimes a bit differently from how I thought it would happen. 😉

    • Once again, beautifully written and heartfelt comments! Thank you Stefanie! Yes, there is something amazing about writing wishes down and seeing them materialize in our life. I too, have seen my desires show up much differently then expected. I like the way you spoke about energies; that we don’t have to be around differing energies, and yet understanding others right to choose a different path! Love the gift of choice! 🙂

  2. Beautifully written and such a great reminder – we don’t have all the time in the world but, somehow, we always think that we do – copy this and paste it on your refrigerator! Then read it every day.

  3. I’ve found my time management skills lacking lately – too much to do. I think a bucket list (for both big and small things) is a great idea. Fantastic post 😀

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