Embrace Goal Setting


Many of us have a negative association with setting goals, as it feels like a lot of work to write down what we would like to accomplish, and then take the actions necessary toward their fulfillment.

Ironically, it actually takes less energy to have a written strategy in place, then to leave our desires open ended. When we keep our desires loosely undefined in our head without any plans in place toward their completion, it doesn’t motivate us to put any goal setting processes in motion. Consequently, they remain an unfulfilled wish and longing.

However, when we see our goals in black and white, with an assigned time frame for their completion; it generates excitement, momentum and a willingness to go for them, as we see they can become a reality!

We don’t want to worry and obsess about fulfilling our goals though, as that would create unnecessary pressure and stress; while ruining any joyful feelings that come from accomplishment.


We can, however, make this a fun process by putting a goal chart on the wall, and listing specific and measurable goals we would like to complete. Upon completion, we can check each one off, and have some other celebratory reward system along with it.

We can start with relatively small items on our goal chart, and then build up to writing bigger and better dreams as we accomplish each one.

What motivates you to take action toward your goals?

Action Step:

Fill out a goals chart, and then slowly complete each one over a 90 day period.

8 thoughts on “Embrace Goal Setting

  1. Hi Cathie!

    Thank you for this wonderful post!

    Today you have given me a challenge… 🙂

    I admitt that I have some problems with fulfilling goals charts in a linear way. Usually when I fill them out I plan them very well just to then take a completely different turn when it comes to action. Yet, when I look back on them after a while I usually have fulfilled most of the points on the chart, anyway… So, I suppose, they are helpful in some way!

    What also helps me to take action towards my goals is to connect with the true reason why I want to do something. What ever choice or decision I make starts with an impuls or inspiration within my heart. So I keep reminding myself of the love that did lead me on this path. That usually gives me motivation to continue. (Once more I wonder if what I say makes sense…)

    Much love,

    • Thank you Steffi! It sounds like you have your own successful system in place for meeting goals which is great! I like that you keep the process flexible and don’t adhere to a strict and rigid plan. It is good to have a plan or blueprint in place but still stay flexible and open at the same time. Good point to connect with the true reason we desire something by connecting with and following our heart. What you said makes total sense as living from our heart can lead us to such wonderful places; rather than just making goals and decisions based on what looks good on paper or what others think we should like! Wonderful comments as usual my friend! Love, Cathie

  2. Great post and it is the time of the year that our new year resolutions start fading and we need to get refocused on our goals again. I so need to get set up with those stars stickers, I think that my be my solution. Keeping goals on your iphone is not as cool as when we had stars as a kindergartener.

    • Good point, that this time of year is when the New Years resolutions start to fade! Yes, so true, one thing the iphone doesn’t have is the physical way to put our stickers on it like a chart! So glad you found the post to be a fun way to refocus on your goals and start rewarding yourself with stars! Thanks for the great comments! 🙂

  3. Great tips, Cathie! I’ve definitely been in the goal-fulfilling mode lately. It really does feel nice to get things checked off the list one by one (and I do keep a list, on a little dry-erase board I carry around, so no paper gets wasted there). Being organized can be a matter of personality type, but everybody can do it if they put a little effort in. It’s generally worth it.

    Oh, and speaking of goals fulfilled, I just launched my new self-hosted site yesterday, so come over and take a look if you like! I’d be happy to see you there! 🙂

    • Thank you Jennifer! Sounds like the topic of goals was timely and that you are checking a lot of them off your list. Love the dry-ease board idea too! Congrats on your self-hosted site! I will have to stop over for a visit! See you soon! 🙂

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