All Is Well – Book Review

all is well large

The book entitled, All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition by Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz, was given to me by Hay House Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion of it.

I love the teachings of Louise Hay, so definitely would not deter anyone from reading any of her books including this one. I appreciate her positive approach to life, and this book was a good refresher of the information in her other writings as well.

However, what was new and an added benefit was her collaboration with Mona Lisa who is a medical physician and intuitive. Together they discuss treating the whole person, and making a connection between our thoughts and physical symptoms.

It was interesting to read their combined knowledge of health and wellness. Each author has years of experience exploring emotional causes for our physical illnesses and sheds light on how to help us heal beyond just going to the doctor.

Instead of reading this book from the first page to the last, I find myself using it more like a physical health reference book for specific areas of the body, and as a reminder for keeping healthy thoughts as well.

Louise is particularly known for teaching about affirmations and Mona Lisa brings scientific evidence to support how effective making positive statements about life can be for our overall health.

This book helps us to take a more active role in listening to our bodies, and we are encouraged to say the following affirmation repeatedly whenever there is a problem which will help ease our stress.

All is well.

Everything is working out for my highest good.

Out of this situation only good will come.

I am safe.


6 thoughts on “All Is Well – Book Review

  1. Great review, Cathie! And congratulations on all your recent published articles. Keep letting the Glow Flow, my fabulous friend! Love & Light, Sloan

  2. I love Louise.L. Hay too and read some of her books, which helped me a lot. I also buy her calendars with affirmations on it for every day , I love them. I am sure that your reviewed book is as good as her others, it sounds interesting! Ute

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