Believe in Magic


Wouldn’t it be fun to fill out the check below, and have it come true in our bank accounts?

This happened for comedian and actor Jim Carrey, who wrote himself a $10 million dollar check before he was famous. He describes in the video above, how this and other visualizations led to his great success along with a lot of hard work.


Creating an intention and believing it is possible can work β€œmagic” in our lives too.

If the idea of filling out a blank check seems silly or visualizations in general seem unscientific, that mindset will likely prohibit our desires from coming true.

However, if we can suspend our doubts and believe in this process, then we can have some fun with our imaginings, and feel good in the process.

Why not expect good things to come to us instead of sad or unfortunate possibilities?

It is certainly more powerful and effective to feel excited in the present moment about having what we desire, instead of feeling a sense of lack and desperation until it arrives.

Usually, the feelings of lack won’t draw our desires to us anyway but the power of positive thoughts and feelings can bring us positively abundant results.

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As children, many of us had no problem believing in magic, or imagining that it was possible to have what we wanted. As we grow older, however, our belief in achieving our dreams can begin to wane. This is especially true if we have had some experiences that didn’t turn out so good, and have soured us into a place of disbelief.

However, that type of thinking usually doesn’t help us to feel very good, and seldom enhances our present situations.

If we think things are not going to work out, then that makes it difficult for good to arrive. However, if we believe they could work out, then at least we stand a chance of attracting our wants because having a strong belief is very powerful.

It is important to actually feel what it would be like to have the sum of money, relationship or career we desire and not just saying specific words. The positive energy we feel behind our words is what really sets our images in motion for attracting our wishes to us.

In other words, what we believe and expect is what we usually get.

How have visualizations worked in your life?

Action Step:

Take a moment to reflect on how you feel in this moment. Observe the thoughts you are thinking, and come up with a fun visualization to improve your mood if needed.

20 thoughts on “Believe in Magic

  1. I love Jim Carey and I think the work is very important part of the “magic” πŸ™‚
    I am working toward something very special at the moment. Writing about, making and selling my amigurumi patterns. I am successful (in a way) already because I am actually doing it every day.

    • So happy to read you are working toward a special goal while enjoying the process along the way! So true, that our effort is a very important ingredient in making the ‘magic’ happen! Congratulations on following your dreams!

  2. This video along with your post was both entertaining and enlightening. I’m glad I read this today.

    • Thanks Carolyn! So glad there are many personal growth ‘tools’ available for helping to move us in the direction of our dreams! Visualization is a big one which I need to be reminded of too! πŸ™‚

  3. Too true. We so often forget the power of the mind and the importance of continuing to think positive thoughts. They say we are only capable of feeling one emotion at a time (for that instant), so why not encourage it to be a positive one.

    • Agreed, it definitely is easy to forget the power of the mind, and how our thinking influences what we attract. Fortunately, it can be just as easy to reframe a negative thought into a positive one through awareness! Thanks for the great comments!

  4. Hi Cathie!

    What a great and inspirational post! Thank you so much! As usual it reached me at the perfect time and I gratefully receive.

    Actually I have had many visualizations worked in my life. Often, when I look back on my life I notice that I achieved a lot of what I have dreamed of, before. It sometimes came in a different way than expected, but it always came into my life. Usually it works best for me when I don’t put too much “want” into it. Like: I dream of it for a while – in actual day dreams – feeling it and experiencing it, there, and then I forget about it. (The latter often seems to be the hardest part…) And then, at some point I look back and notice: Hey, it did actually work!

    Another important factor for me seems to be, to give myself permission that it may come true. Like Oprah said: Often we are in a situation of “want” or lack and try to urge a special outcome while we are resisting it at the same time. The conscious act of giving my dream(s) permission to come true seems to help me stepping beyond that resistance.

    My relationship with Kim was one of those dreams that came true, this way, although I did not know who it would be at the time I dreamt about it. πŸ™‚

    Finally I’d like to mention a nice synchronicity: This morning when I checked on my Google Plus account I received an invitation into a community called “The Law of Attraction”. And now I find your post in my e-mail inbox! πŸ˜€

    I’ll go and fill out that check, now – I just printed it.

    Much love!

    • Hi Steffi! Thank you as always for your amazing comments! I appreciate how you thoughtfully and honestly share your great insights! So true that our visualizations don’t necessarily show up in the way we expected. Often, they show up in a better way than we thought they would. So wonderful to hear how you are able to let go, and not desperately ‘want’ for something but are able to ‘let’ it happen and unfold in its own time; like meeting Kim. Love the synchronicity of the invitation you received about the law of attraction and the topic of my post! No coincidences! Great to hear you will be using the blank check too. I look forward to hearing about the ‘magical’ results from that! Best, Cathie

    • I love hearing success stories, and it sounds like you have had great results with positive thinking Ute! So true, that we can do ‘so much more than we think.’ Thanks for sharing your positivity here! πŸ™‚

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