Use Your Creativity

a contest

The air was cold on this Minnesota afternoon but the warmth from our childhood bond has continued and grown on our walk together into adulthood.   

 Cathie Barash

I am originally from Minnesota and now live in Arizona; polar opposites (pun intended) from each other during the winter months, that is for sure.

As we know, one is freezing in winter; while the other is very pleasant at that time of year. Of course, the heat of the summers here is a whole other conversation, and makes anything cold look very inviting!

Anyway, this particular post isn’t about the weather but about a fun contest I came across recently. It involves writing a caption or storyline in 25 words or less based on a picture that is provided as a prompt for creative expression.

It got me thinking about the many different ways we interpret things, based on our individual backgrounds or the experiences we have had.

So with that in mind, I thought I would share the picture with you, and the actual comments I submitted (shown above), as an example of how my Minnesota upbringing influenced my particular remarks!

It will be fun to see the many different ideas and viewpoints that come from this one photo.

Action Step:

What positive and uplifting ideas come to mind when you look at this picture?

14 thoughts on “Use Your Creativity

  1. I think of snow as mysterious, exotic and just a bit dangerous. I have seen it once and I was surprised how cold it was. The children look safe and confident and I Like the way they are keeping close and the little one is holding hands.

    • Yes, the snow is surprisingly cold but the cozy hand holding does paint a picture of safety and confidence among the children out on their adventure in the quiet woods. Great comments!

  2. I’m thinking curious siblings walking into a winter forest toward a winterland adventure. Perhaps they find one of Santa’s elf workshops!

  3. This is the loving childhood that every set of sisters should be so blessed to have! I have three daughters. The very best things come in threes! 🙂

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