Keep the Faith

a umbrella

Be still, sad heart, and cease repining;

Behind the clouds the sun is still shining;

Thy fate is the common fate of all,

Into each life some rain must fall.

From “The Rainy Day” By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

a cloud

Haven’t’ we all had times when problems, sad feelings or dashed dreams seemed to rain down upon us?

It is during these times that we need to remember that behind the clouds, the sun is still shining and to keep the faith for better days ahead!

I was reminded of this when speaking with a friend the other day, who was sharing her recent disappointment surrounding some changes in her life. She had recently moved from a home she loved, back to an apartment she lived in prior to her home experience. She didn’t want to move but the owner of the home made it quite unbearable for her to remain his tenant.

Everyone was telling her that the move was a good thing, and a fresh start. Though it is true that it was good to remove herself from the home rental situation; it didn’t take away the frustration she felt in having to leave a place that she had grown accustomed to.

She was disheartened that her landlord wasn’t as comfortable and appealing, as the home itself had been. She felt she was really getting somewhere when she found this wonderful house and its cozy surroundings; only to end up in the same apartment she had started with.

In talking with her further, it became clear that her feelings were not just about the house. There was a lot of sadness surrounding her, as a friend had recently lost a family member and she had recently ended the relationship with her boyfriend.

At the same time, she is dealing with some physical issues, and struggling to acquire the energy needed to keep her business running smoothly.

All things considered, she felt she hadn’t come very far in life as a whole, to be dealing with all the difficulties she was now experiencing.

I reminded her that though her physical location has changed to something less desirable, her internal growth has greatly improved.

She is definitely getting somewhere by the fact that she is choosing to move away from situations that are unhealthy for her, and moving toward being true to herself!

As a result, she is able take the leap of faith, and trust that all these healthy choices will lead to better circumstances and relationships in the future, which is definitely a bright spot behind the clouds around her.

Though the process of making changes doesn’t always feel comfortable in the moment; the gifts that wait on the other side can flood our lives with greater joy and contentment than we can imagine.

What valuable lessons have you learned from the storms in your life?

Actions Step:

Look at any dark clouds looming in your present circumstances, and see what bright spots lie behind them.

5 thoughts on “Keep the Faith

  1. I have learnt patience. and to keep getting up every morning, getting dressed and doing the best I can with this particular day. 🙂

  2. I’ve had some pretty stormy times, but I’ve learnt that it’s how we manage during those times that matters. I love how you highlight the positive that can arise after difficulties. There is always a silver lining as long as we have the faith to believe it.

    • Well said Carolyn. So true, that how we manage during the tough times, and apply the lessons learned is what matters! Having faith that there is a ‘silver lining’ seems to help ease the healing and growing process. As always, thanks for your wonderful comments!

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