Brainstorm New Ideas

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We are all familiar with the concept of group brainstorming; where people come together and throw out spontaneous ideas until they flesh out ideas that actually sound great and doable.

During the process of these brainstorming sessions, the point is to flood the room with free flowing thoughts, no matter how outlandish they sound; and have others to piggy back on those concepts. It is through these sessions, that true creativity can flow without the rational mind kicking in to determine if all makes sense or not.

Whether we brainstorm as a group or individually, unrestrained thoughts can lead to very innovative and creative ideas; ranging all the way from product development, to developing new formulas for living.

For example, I was listening to a speaker the other day who had conducted an individual brainstorming session with himself regarding how to deal with troubling bosses or anyone else he has struggles with. He was prompted to do so because the way he was responded and reacting up until now was not serving him very well. He was not feeling good about the unpleasantness within him, or around him when he inflicting painful words, thoughts or energy toward himself or others.

He came up with several ideas and after sorting through many of them, he came up with a principle to live by which is to, ‘Do No Harm.’ So when he got laid off recently, instead of launching into a tirade at the boss who let him go, he decided to withhold adding harm to the situation by refusing to act out in anger. Had he launched into an angry tirade as he was tempted to do, he would have done himself and the other person harm by behaving that way.

Instead, he told himself that he was lucky to get a severance package that would cover his expenses over the next 6 months, and was well aware that not everyone gets such a package. So, he felt grateful that he could walk away with his dignity, not burn his bridges with this employer, and be covered financially for many months while he looked for something else.

The application of these 3 little words has equaled big results. Now, whenever he gets angry, he is able to restrain himself easier by repeating and following the intention of ‘Doing No Harm.’  

When we want to infuse our life with more excitement and energy, we too, can look to some new ideas or ways of doing things. We can look around our life, and see if there is something we can add or take away from our daily routine that would invigorate us and give our days a face lift. For instance, if we are lonely, we can brainstorm about all the ways to meet people and see what develops from our list.

For the man in the example above, he raised his life and consciousness from a place of anger and revenge to one where his focus was on the gifts in the situation. By doing so, he was able to put his energy into getting a new career, instead of lamenting the one he lost.

This new found attitude will no doubt attract much better situations for him in the future and help him to feel better in the present as well.

Action Step:

Come up with as many ideas as possible, off the top of your head today, and see if they spark a new way of handling a current situation.

10 thoughts on “Brainstorm New Ideas

  1. Thanks for a lovely, insightful post. It reminded me of that sometimes it may also be that we ourselves have had a more or less conscious “request” to the universe for something even better, so that what may seem a loss at first, may be a blessing in disguise instead. (Saying that with keeping in mind that there are individual nuances and layers concerning any issue.)

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