Put the Bounce Back in Your Step

Music can instantly help us to feel good! This got me thinking about a little song called Walking on Sunshine this rainy Monday morning which was a big hit for the 80’s musical group Katrina and the Waves.

I, for one, always got a little bounce back in my step when it came on the radio.

Wherever you live and whatever weather you are experiencing in your state, or current state of mind, hope you enjoy this warm blast from the past!

a feel good jump

What songs help to lift or enhance your mood?

Action Step:

Add some music to your day, and see how uplifting it can be!

18 thoughts on “Put the Bounce Back in Your Step

  1. Hi Cathie!

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder! I used to listen to music every day, or even sing a bit, myself. During the last two years my life has been changing so much that I somehow don’t do the very often, anymore, and I am missing it. So, I am starting, again and your reminder comes at exactly the right time, for me.

    Rainy day, here, too, so Walking on Sunshine is perfect. Otherwise, the music that lifts me up really depends on my mood and on what mood I wish to create during my day. I have quite a broad spectrum of CDs at home, from classical music like the soprano Cecilia Bartoli, over rock music like the bands Live or Bon Jovi, to Mantras and spiritual music like, for example, the songs by Deva Premal and Miten or by Gila Antara (to name a small selection). Each of them is touching me in a special way and they are reminding me in their own way of the beautty and power of life.

    I am sending you warm rays of heart-sun and wishing you that you always have a happy song in your heart!


    • Thank you for your beautiful comments Steffi! So glad this was a happy reminder, and that Walking on Sunshine was a good addition to your rainy day too! It is great we have so many types of music to choose from, and it was fun to read all your selections! 🙂 Sending warmth and sunshine your way! Best, Cathie

  2. Anything Beach Boys! And “Wedding Song (There Is Love)” written by Noel Paul Stookey ~played at our wedding many, many moons ago. My husband still plays it for me on his guitar & I still swoon. 🙂

    • How fabulous Jody! The Wedding song (There is Love) is so touching, along with the image of your long time husband playing it on guitar for you! How romantic and very special! I found the song on the internet after reading your wonderful comments, and am playing it now as I type this response. Thanks for adding such beauty to the day with your openness and lovely song choice. Of course, the Beach Boys are a lot of fun too! 🙂

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