Take Time for Recreational Activities

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As we know, there are many ways of reducing our stress and anxiety such as positive thinking, physical exercise, meditation and the like. Even though all of these methods are effective and beneficial for our peace of mind; so is engaging in recreational activities as well. One form of recreation for many of us is the natural joy that comes from crafting and making something come to life.

For some, crafting is not only a form of enjoyment but it is their livelihood too. For example, in Fountain Hills Arizona there is an annual Festival of Arts and Crafts which features nearly 500 artisans who each have their own unique ideas, and artistic flair which is evidenced in the products they create and sell.

Approximately 200,000 people attend this function each year from across the country and around the world. Enjoying the talents of others at this event is a wonderful experience, as well as, getting creative ideas and great gifts. There is a vast assortment of handmade creations and assorted treasures found within the booths that line the streets such as unique furniture pieces, dishes, ornaments, clothing and more.

a festival

Naturally, crafting doesn’t have to be fancy or used for selling or displaying to the public. It can be something we simply find pleasure in doing for our own personal enjoyment such as knitting, making model airplanes, scrapbooking, or needle point.

Recently, I’ve become reacquainted with making wall rugs using a latch hook kit. I like the simplicity of pulling colored pieces of yarn through a printed design on a canvas and watching that design come to fruition with each row of yarn that I weave.

My current rug is a lighthouse which I look forward to hanging on the wall when it’s completed, however, at the same time; I am enjoying the process along the way.

I certainly enjoy other creative and recreational activities too such as writing and lounging at the beach. However, it was fun to return to this other form of entertainment as well.

No matter what form of expression we choose, when we’re engaged in the creative process, it can be a totally in the moment experience. The hours just seem to melt away, along with our stress and anxiety from the fun and relaxation that our chosen activity can provide.

What do you enjoy creating?

Action Step:

If you are feeling restless, creatively challenged, or looking for something new; try walking through a local craft store or craft festival, and see what creative ideas come to life.

6 thoughts on “Take Time for Recreational Activities

  1. What a wonderfully inspiring article, Cathie! (Once more, I may say… 😉 )

    I love strolling through craft stores or craft markets! All the different shapes, colours and textures – so enjoyable. Also a special treat for me is to stroll through such venues when I am travelling – should I find one. So, should I ever make it to Arizona… 😀

    I was never big in sewing (yet) but I enjoy playing with fabric and textiles, sometimes. I also enjoy scrapbooking, creating cards or drawing with coloured pencils. Furthermore I always liked to play with natural materials, like leaves, buckeyes and grass in autumn, for example – or like dried blossoms. And, of course, I have to include my photography which never fails to give me a new perspective on the world.

    Somehow, playing with all these various ways of expression enrichens my life, and I am missing it when I am not doing any of those for a longer time. I share the experience which you described, above – that the process of crafting itself brings you into the now regardless of the outcome. And playing with the different materials, shapes and skills often gently shifts things into perspective for me.

    Thank you! Sending you much love for a happy weekend!

    • Thank you Steffi, for always contributing such wonderfully positive comments and conversation! I too, enjoy creating greeting cards, and was reminded of coloring books and crayons as a kid; when you mentioned the colored pencils. You summed up creativity and crafting nicely by saying that “playing with all these various ways of expression enriches my life” and “gently shifts things into perspective!” Beautiful thoughts for living in the now! Enjoy the day my friend! 🙂

      • Thank you, Cathie, for always writing such wonderfully positive posts!

        Actually you are saying something, there, regarding the childhod memories… I am just noticing that all these crafty things are definitely a way for me to keep in touch with my inner child. – Well, some people, like Julia Cameron, say that our inner artist is a child, anyway. 😉

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