Enjoy Each Day!

a enjoy life 2

My husband and I just returned from a beach getaway which was very rejuvenating on so many levels. It was a wonderful trip and the beauty all around us was picture perfect.

The poem below is a great reminder to stop and enjoy the splendor that surrounds us on a daily basis, and appreciate our life to the fullest now!


It only takes a moment
To stop and take a breath
To take in all the sights, and sounds
To enjoy all life has to give

Don’t take time for granted
Because it quickly slips away
Years cannot be promised
So enjoy every single day

Time and life are precious
And we only get one chance
To live life to its fullest
To live in happiness

Live your best life
Starting with today
Make sure it’s a happy one
Every step of the way

Author Unknown

10 thoughts on “Enjoy Each Day!

  1. I so agree with you. I have had a great week with great friends. I do cherish each moment as it is very precious. Glad you had a good relaxing trip. Sending you love, Cathie!

    • Many thanks Ute! So wonderful to hear you also had a wonderful week and that you enjoy each moment as it comes! Your enthusiasm and positive attitude is felt through your terrific blog! It is always uplifting! I appreciate your kind comments and lovely thoughts very much! 🙂

  2. It is true. It is easy to get caught up in focusing on the next task and not be aware of the one I am doing. I am just starting to address this so your post was timely for me. 🙂

  3. A healthy perspective and a great accompanying verse.

    What is it that compels us to reiterate the need to “enjoy every moment, every day”? Is it because somewhere inside we remain uncertain about whether we are doing it or not? So is it the “enjoyment” that we are seeking as the outcome or something else?


    • Great thought provoking questions you pose! It is easy to take life for granted sometimes or lose sight of what it is important. Therefore, these positive reminders help to steer our focus back on what matters most, and return to experiencing the appreciation and gratitude for our blessings which is very enjoyable! 🙂

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