Create Your Treasure Chest of Dreams

a treasure chest of dreams

Many of us have heard about the power of affirmations, and the law of attraction for positively bringing forth that which we wish to achieve. We know that this is done by deliberately setting aside time to communicate with our subconscious mind on a consistent basis, through meditation, affirmations and visualizations.

Even though we know that training our minds is a worthy goal to pursue and a great routine to cultivate; sometimes there is an uncertainty about how to get started or how to keep a positive practice active in our lives.

Finding a method or system that inspires our consistent attention, and makes us want to implement these practices on a daily basis can be a challenge.

It usually takes thirty consecutive days to develop a new habit; so it is important find a method that makes this commitment of our time a fun and enjoyable event and something we look forward to.

There are many ways to install or sustain a daily system of encouragement, and I have found a way that has been working for me this past month. I have filled up a decorative box with many uplifting pamphlets, books, affirmation cards, and a list of goals and dreams I would like to achieve.

Additionally, I have added small sea shells, pictures of the ocean, and other images that make me feel good. It has become like a small box of positive bliss for my heart, mind and soul. The whole point is to find a way to create good feelings within us on a consistent basis, and these particular items; along with the container itself has been accomplishing that for me.

 a unconscious mind

Many of us wait until we feel in the mood to sit quietly in positive contemplation. Ironically, having a box like this or other enjoyable visual aids; can help to put us in the mood and generate the good feelings we long for.

Seeing my treasure chest of dreams is a fun and creative reminder to feed my mind with the positive nuggets I’ve placed inside of it; and makes me want to open it for the inspiration that awaits me.

When we are engaged in looking at things or reading materials that put us in a state of joy; then naturally our new found energy is going to attract more positive people and experiences to us.

Each day we can do the following:

  1. Think about and feel gratitude for all the current blessings in our life.
  2. Read several of the positive reading materials that are placed in our treasure chest.
  3. From this state of appreciation, we can review our goals that we have written down.
  4. Then, we can visualize how it would feel to achieve our desires.
  5. Finally, we can release any expectations on the outcomes we request, and go about our day feeling great from this positive experience.

In this process, we are programming our mind for success, and as a result, are inspired with new ideas, and are more intentional in our actions. It also encourages us to believe that anything is possible today; while looking forward to all the possibilities and abundance for the future as well.

a affirmation

Installing a nurturing daily habit of feeding our mind and heart with gratitude, confidence and support, is obviously preferable to listening to the steady stream of disempowering thoughts and beliefs that often get our attention.

Finding a way to motivate ourselves to do the positive practice of communing with our internal guidance system, and focusing on our goals, dreams and gratitude list is definitely worth the effort.

How do you program your mind for success?

Action Step:

Create your own treasure chest of dreams, by placing anything that makes you feel good inside of it, and installing this wonderfully positive daily routine.

10 thoughts on “Create Your Treasure Chest of Dreams

  1. Hi Cathie!

    Thank you so much for another excellent post and for sharing some treasures from your own experience. 😀

    Actually I have a chest like that. I bought the box while I stayed in Ireland and it provides my own private space for all the things (or symbols of them) that I like. After reading your post I recon it might be time to take the treasure chest out and play a bit… 😉

    • Thank you Steffi! Great hearing that you also have a box of treasures, and were inspired to take them out to play again! 🙂 Love how you said that the box “provides my own private space.” Very serene and comforting image. Enjoy the day! Best, Cathie

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post! I am all about affirmations and I appreciate all you’ve shared here. And I adore the idea of creating a treasure chest for our dreams. Thanks again for sharing this. Blessings, Gina

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comments Gina! Happy to hear how much you enjoyed the treasure chest of dreams idea, and that you are a firm believer in affirmations too! I appreciate knowing that this post was an uplifting addition to your day, and I really like your beautiful blog as well! All the best, Cathie

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