Grow From Disappointment

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The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.

Robert Kiyosaki

We all face disappointments from time to time, but we can use any unsatisfying situations to motivate ourselves, and learn the lessons contained within them. Since disappointments are going to happen, it will serve us greatly to figure out how to best approach things that don’t fall perfectly into place in our life.

Anyone can feel great when everything goes their way but how do we stand when we are faced with a challenge?

Just because we may meditate daily and are on the path of enlightenment, doesn’t mean everything will go our way. As a matter of fact, at the first sign of discomfort, it can be tempting to quit our introspective practices because we believe it isn’t working.

a disappoint

Rather than allowing disillusionment to consume us, we can look at dissatisfaction’s, and how we handle them as valuable information on our path to self-understanding. We can start to observe our ability to let go, forgive and transcend seeming defeats into greater personal success.

Life is too short to dwell on things we can’t change and we certainly know we can’t change other people. What we can change is the way we hold disappointments, and how we search for opportunities to expand our own character.

For example, it is natural to feel sad when a friend suddenly ends a friendship without offering any explanation or getting fired from a job. However, often times these situations lead us to better friends and jobs in the end. Additionally, they give us an opportunity to look within at our part, and see if we are being good friends or employees as well.

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Doing our best to put disappointments into prospective, and letting things unfold the way they are intended to; will help us to reconnect with the peace and serenity we long for. We need to recognize that we will not only survive our challenges but we can choose to thrive from them as well!

Action Step:

If you are feeling disappointed with someone or something today; take a deep breath and give yourself the same comfort you would grant a hurting friend.

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11 thoughts on “Grow From Disappointment

  1. Reblogged this on gentlestitches and commented:
    and now for something a little different especially for someone dealing with a dissapointment. In the words of the philosopher Jagger “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need!!” Keep trying!

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