Become Aware Of Your Words

I first heard about the video above while watching a program where Oprah was discussing how much it had changed her life. We often dismiss or refuse to listen to certain messages because we may not be a fan of the messenger.

However, whether we are a supporter of Oprah or Pastor Joel Osteen or not, this sermon is very powerful, and makes us think about the words we say after, “I AM.”

For example, saying statements like, I AM blessed, I AM loved, and I AM happy, feels a lot more empowering on a daily basis than, I AM old, I AM fat, or I AM lazy.

The words we say not only influences how we feel but influences what we experience as well. It is explained in the video as, “Whatever follows ‘I am’ will come looking for you.”

When we repeatedly say, “I Am tired” for instance, than we seem to attract an even stronger feeling and experience of being tired as a result.

It is much more instructional, and transformational to talk about the way we want it to be rather than the way it is right now!

a I am

Therefore, when we say, “I AM energetic,” this internal declaration invites livelier feelings within us, and extends to our external choices as well. Usually, we have to change on the inside before we’ll see change on the outside.

This is a good reminder to become more aware of the words we choose, and the strong impact they can have on us and others, whether they are delivered silently or verbally.


Action Step:

Start noticing what words you choose after saying, “I Am.”


16 thoughts on “Become Aware Of Your Words

  1. Thank you, Cathie!

    I AM blessed as I know people like you who always send out empowering impulses. And I AM blessed for those impulses always reach me at the perfect time to remind me that all is well.

    I AM sending much love to you!

    • I AM so appreciative of your always wonderful comments Steffi! I AM so glad that we have connected, and share an interest in similar empowering material! I AM happy to hear it always arrives right on time! Blessings my friend and thank you! 🙂

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