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Trust the Universe and Yourself!

a spirit

Below is an article I wrote appearing in the upcoming issue of Sibyl Magazine. Enjoy!

When we are hoping and praying for specific outcomes in our lives, we can rest assured that the universe will either bless us with what we desire, or block our plans for something better. A great deal of stress and anxiety can be avoided when we believe that only good lies before us, and trust that we will be divinely guided toward what is in our best interests.

For example, we may have our heart set on a particular romantic partner who doesn’t reciprocate our feelings, and feel terribly disappointed as a result. Then, we go on to meet someone more aligned with our heart and soul, which helps us to realize how incompatible our former love interest had been. Gratefully, we are able to see how blessed we are for being led to the harmonious and loving partnership we were meant to have.

Similarly, we may have our heart set on a certain job, which someone else receives. Later, we discover that the desired company ultimately went out of business or had other unforeseen problems. Had we received the chosen position, we would have been out of work again or been extremely unhappy. Additionally, we would have missed out on a better career opportunity that we were intended to have.

When we embrace the idea that sometimes a delay or refusal is actually a blessing, we can spare ourselves the needless suffering that accompanies many disappointments. We thankfully begin to understand that the universe has grander plans for us than we ever imagined.

Therefore, in times of turmoil or distress, we need to remember that everything is happening the way it’s supposed to. Certainly, we can strive to meet our desired goals by taking the appropriate actions toward their fulfillment, while simultaneously loosening our grip on how our plans should unfold.

The big picture of our lives is only revealed to us one day at a time through our instincts, thoughts, and feelings. By deliberately quieting our minds, we can listen to the voice within, and receive the directions needed to co-create our world with divine help.

Typically, we know when we’re on the right path by the positive feelings within us, and the wonderful synchronistic events occurring around us. When conditions begin to feel forced or negative, then it’s time to change course.

Through optimistic thinking, conscientious choices, and the releasing of perceived limitations, we can sculpt the life we desire in concert with universal laws. Just as Michelangelo, “chipped away everything that wasn’t David,” when he sculpted the famous statue out of marble; we too, can remove what doesn’t serve us, and bring forth our authentic selves in the process.

When we walk through life believing, and trusting in the protection of the universe, we allow ourselves to be led to those beautiful experiences that are meant for our best life possible!

See More Clearly

a clear view

Worrying about actual or potential problems can be a potent mind altering experience, and prevent us from seeing things clearly. This persistent mental uneasiness can distort mild concerns into full blown panic attacks, if left unchecked. Just as dirt on our windshield can obscure our vision, so can muddled thinking block our creativity, and distract our attention from seeing what we have control over and what we don’t.

We don’t necessarily have control over the thoughts that drift into our mind but we do have control over where we choose to steer them. It can seem like our blurring thoughts are helping us to solve our concerns but as we know, worrying rarely leads to solutions, and doesn’t prevent those worst-case scenarios from happening anyway.

Therefore, instead of focusing on scary outcomes and answering the dreadful ‘what if’ questions that often keep us up at night; we can direct our mind toward more beneficial problem solving inquiries which are in our power to assess and do something about such as:

  1. Who or what is holding you back the most right now, and do you need to speak up for yourself?
  2. How much stress are you currently under, what is causing the strain, and how can you reduce it?
  3. What are the 10 things that you are tolerating the most and which can you correct now?
  4. What about you makes your life work as well as it does, and list your strengths in writing?
  5. Who are the key people in your life, and do you spend enough time with positive people? 
  6. Is your life one of your choosing? If not, what steps can you take to increase your desires?
  7. Is your life on an upward or downward trend? If downward, how can you turn that around?
  8. What about your day do you like most, and feel grateful about?
  9. What about your day do you like least, and what adjustments would make it more to your liking?
  10. What else, if anything, do you feel is important to accomplish for you to feel fulfilled and complete?

All of us need help seeing ourselves and life more clearly from time to time. When we are troubled, we can ask ourselves some empowering questions or talk to an objective person, to reveal our stumbling blocks, as well as, our greatest strengths!

Action Step:

Start to answer the questions posed above, and see what actions you can take to feel more inspired in your present situation.

Soothe Your Mind

a mindd

I wrote the mantra below, and thought I would share it with you to use whenever you need a lift.


Mindfulness Mantra

I am beautiful, I am kind,

and in complete control of my mind.

When negative thoughts try to lead me astray,

I focus on blessings I live with each day.

So grateful for choices, love, joy, and peace,

through prayer and meditation, these can only increase.

— Cathie Barash

Have a Vision

a vision 2

It was a great honor to have my comments featured in Master Life Coach Talane Miedaner’s wonderful newsletter, and blog post recently at

I thought I would share it here, along with the link above to her informative website, as a reminder of the importance of having a vision, and the variety of ways we can help them to materialize.

Many of you have already experienced several of your visions already too, so reading your comments on how you did it, would be a helpful addition as well.

Thanks and enjoy!

Law of Attraction Tip #13 – Having a Vision, Seeing the Results

Following on from last weeks ‘Having a Vision’ Law Of Attraction Tip # 13, we had some amazing responses. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me. I would like to share one of these letters with you today, it comes from Cathie Barash. I particularly love the ‘creative play’ taken by Cathie in order to achieve her vision.

Hi Talane,

In your recent newsletter, you asked for comments on any successes from visualizing that came true through law of attraction. I have had so many but listed just a few below:

1. I had a vision of writing a book and now my first book appears on I had taken a book already in my possession and put a cover over top of the existing book with my name and book title, “The Right Relationship Starts with You” and saw it as already written. I looked at this book cover every day and it kept me ‘thinking from the end’ until it was completed.

2. Long ago when I was single, I had a vision of a certain kind of partner and wrote down in detail all the characteristics I desired down to his character and personal growth aspirations. That came true about 12 years ago and we have an extremely happy marriage today.

3. When we relocated from the east coast to the west coast, we began looking for our first house. We put pictures on our refrigerator along with an affirmation of a vision for a certain kind of house, neighbors etc. and now live in that house we envisioned.

We currently have a vision board that we joyfully look at every day, filled with new visions of living near the beach and a successful writing career and other wonderful life pictures.

Having a vision definitely works, when it comes from a place of gratitude, abundance and faith verses lack and desperation.

Thank you.

Warm regards,


Action Step:

Try one of the three methods listed above, or create some of your own, for helping your visions become a reality.

Find What Makes You Happy

Cher has been on various television programs lately promoting her new CD, Closer To The Truth and the song entitled, I Hope You Find It really touched me.

It’s funny how certain songs can really affect us, and take on a meaning beyond what the artist may have intended or was singing about.

This one made me think about the journey to finding our own happiness, and wanting the best for others who share the trip along the way!

I hope you find it enjoyable too!


 I Hope You Find It Lyrics

These clouds aren’t going nowhere, darling
Rain keeps coming down
I just thought I’d try to call you
For you got too far outta town
And I hope that you get this message that I’m leaving for you
‘Cause I’d hate that you left without hearing the words that I needed you to

And I hope you find it
What you’re looking for
I hope it’s everything you dreamed your life could be
And so much more

And I hope you’re happy, wherever you are
I wanted you to know that
And nothing’s gonna change that
I hope you find it

Am I supposed to hang around and wait forever?
Last words that I said
But that was nothing but a broken heart talking, darling
You know it wasn’t what I meant
Call me up, let me know that you got this message that I’m leaving for you
‘Cause I’d hate that you left without hearing the words that I needed you to

And I hope you find it
What you’re looking for
I hope it’s everything you dreamed your life could be
And so much more

And I hope you’re happy, wherever you are
I wanted you to know that
And nothing’s gonna change that
I hope you find it

Whatever it is out there that you were missing here

Well, I hope you find it
What you’re looking for
I hope it’s everything you dreamed your life could be
And so much more

And I hope you’re happy wherever you are
I wanted you to know that
And nothing’s gonna change that
I hope you find it
I hope you find it
Oh, oh

Write a Wellness Script

a wellness way

Wellness is a lifestyle choice, and involves taking caring of our physical, spiritual and mental health on a regular basis. This usually encompasses taking steps to eat well, exercise, and feeding our mind a steady stream of positive thoughts and information.

One way to establish and maintain a daily healthy regime is by creating a wellness script or wellness prescription which empowers us with optimistic statements, and encourages positive actions from our proclamations. It helps set the tone for creating a prosperous and healthy life by affirming what we need, desire and deserve on our path to wholeness.

Below is a sample wellness script written by Dr. Rebecca E. Williams, and Julie S. Kraft, MA, authors of the book entitled, The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction: A Guide to Coping with the Grief, Stress and Anger that Trigger Addictive Behaviors.

Many of us can become addicted to complaining, blaming and focusing on the negative; so having a positive collection of supportive declarations can help to keep us from behaviors that sabotage our good feelings or prevent them in the first place.

Today, I will respect and nurture myself. I am of value. I give myself permission to be kind to myself. I am loved and protected. It takes courage to take care of myself first. I have that courage. I am worth it. Taking care of myself will allow me to show up for others. Taking care of myself will allow the feelings of anger, resentment, and hurt to melt away. After the feelings of anger, resentment, and hurt melt away, I am left with my true self. My true self requires attention and care. I have the ability to give myself what I need. And today, I need kindness. Being kind to myself flows into good mental and physical health. Good mental and physical health is available to me now. I am deserving of good mental and physical health. I make a commitment to be well. I feel the benefits of being well.

There are many ways to experience an overall state of wellness, and whatever path we choose to obtain this holistic condition is best achieved by making it a daily experience, and not just a one-time event.

What positive script or guidelines do you follow each day?

Action Step:

Create a wellness script of your own or use the one provided, and post it somewhere you’ll see and read on a daily basis.