Write a Wellness Script

a wellness way

Wellness is a lifestyle choice, and involves taking caring of our physical, spiritual and mental health on a regular basis. This usually encompasses taking steps to eat well, exercise, and feeding our mind a steady stream of positive thoughts and information.

One way to establish and maintain a daily healthy regime is by creating a wellness script or wellness prescription which empowers us with optimistic statements, and encourages positive actions from our proclamations. It helps set the tone for creating a prosperous and healthy life by affirming what we need, desire and deserve on our path to wholeness.

Below is a sample wellness script written by Dr. Rebecca E. Williams, and Julie S. Kraft, MA, authors of the book entitled, The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction: A Guide to Coping with the Grief, Stress and Anger that Trigger Addictive Behaviors.

Many of us can become addicted to complaining, blaming and focusing on the negative; so having a positive collection of supportive declarations can help to keep us from behaviors that sabotage our good feelings or prevent them in the first place.

Today, I will respect and nurture myself. I am of value. I give myself permission to be kind to myself. I am loved and protected. It takes courage to take care of myself first. I have that courage. I am worth it. Taking care of myself will allow me to show up for others. Taking care of myself will allow the feelings of anger, resentment, and hurt to melt away. After the feelings of anger, resentment, and hurt melt away, I am left with my true self. My true self requires attention and care. I have the ability to give myself what I need. And today, I need kindness. Being kind to myself flows into good mental and physical health. Good mental and physical health is available to me now. I am deserving of good mental and physical health. I make a commitment to be well. I feel the benefits of being well.

There are many ways to experience an overall state of wellness, and whatever path we choose to obtain this holistic condition is best achieved by making it a daily experience, and not just a one-time event.

What positive script or guidelines do you follow each day?

Action Step:

Create a wellness script of your own or use the one provided, and post it somewhere you’ll see and read on a daily basis.

4 thoughts on “Write a Wellness Script

  1. Hi Cathie!

    I just love the idea of writing a wellness script (or prescription). Many of us (including me) have more or less hidden mantras running in our minds like a remotely controlled mantra, aiming into a direction that is not very healthy. Like, “I am stressed”, “I am late”, “I am tired”. Mine, for example, is “I don’t feel well”.
    A wellness script may be just the medicine for that!
    My positive guideline for that “I don’t feel well”-mantra is: “I allow myself to feel good, first. And then I allow this feeling to fill my whole system and spread through my deeds and being into the world.”

    Thank you for another beautiful inspiration!

    Much love,

    • Hi Steffi, thank you for your beautiful, wise and honest comments as always! What a great mantra transformation from ‘not feeling well’ to ‘allowing yourself to feel good’ and spreading your joyful results to the world around you! 🙂 Love it!

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