See More Clearly

a clear view

Worrying about actual or potential problems can be a potent mind altering experience, and prevent us from seeing things clearly. This persistent mental uneasiness can distort mild concerns into full blown panic attacks, if left unchecked. Just as dirt on our windshield can obscure our vision, so can muddled thinking block our creativity, and distract our attention from seeing what we have control over and what we don’t.

We don’t necessarily have control over the thoughts that drift into our mind but we do have control over where we choose to steer them. It can seem like our blurring thoughts are helping us to solve our concerns but as we know, worrying rarely leads to solutions, and doesn’t prevent those worst-case scenarios from happening anyway.

Therefore, instead of focusing on scary outcomes and answering the dreadful ‘what if’ questions that often keep us up at night; we can direct our mind toward more beneficial problem solving inquiries which are in our power to assess and do something about such as:

  1. Who or what is holding you back the most right now, and do you need to speak up for yourself?
  2. How much stress are you currently under, what is causing the strain, and how can you reduce it?
  3. What are the 10 things that you are tolerating the most and which can you correct now?
  4. What about you makes your life work as well as it does, and list your strengths in writing?
  5. Who are the key people in your life, and do you spend enough time with positive people? 
  6. Is your life one of your choosing? If not, what steps can you take to increase your desires?
  7. Is your life on an upward or downward trend? If downward, how can you turn that around?
  8. What about your day do you like most, and feel grateful about?
  9. What about your day do you like least, and what adjustments would make it more to your liking?
  10. What else, if anything, do you feel is important to accomplish for you to feel fulfilled and complete?

All of us need help seeing ourselves and life more clearly from time to time. When we are troubled, we can ask ourselves some empowering questions or talk to an objective person, to reveal our stumbling blocks, as well as, our greatest strengths!

Action Step:

Start to answer the questions posed above, and see what actions you can take to feel more inspired in your present situation.

10 thoughts on “See More Clearly

  1. Another post full of truth and support. Thank you Cathie!

    It is true, worry helps to create more worry rather than grace and flow. The last two years I had a lot of opportunities to take a close look at how worry works versus – well, shall we say faith? – or maybe a pretty good idea of where I love wants to go.

    I like to think that everything is already set up for me to my (and also all participants’) best potentials and all I have to do is to walk the path ahead of me and allow those potentials into my life.

    Remembering this always helps me to focus on love and drop the worry. Just that I sometimes seem to need some help to remember it. (Which is one of many reasons why I love your blog.) 😉

    Much love to you and a happy holliday season,

    • Thank you so much Steffi! I love and appreciate how much thought and time you put into your wonderful comments! You contribute a lot to every post you respond to. Your comforting words of grace, faith and love are heartfelt and so well said. Have a beautiful holiday my friend! Love and blessings, Cathie 🙂

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