Practice Patience

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On the path to achieving our goals and dreams, many of us run into some impatience along the way. This is usually caused by the length of time it takes for our plans to materialize, and our expectations surrounding them. The disparity between where we are now and where we want to go, can create a yearning for our dreamed of future, and dissatisfaction with our present reality.

Even though we know intellectually that the attainment of our goals is not an overnight matter, we can still get emotionally affected by their seeming delay. This state of mind is not surprising or unusual because after all, we are excited about our future plans, and want them to be here now!

Ironically, the more we live joyfully in the now, and are fulfilled within ourselves, the more quickly we often attract any future goal fulfillment. However, if we are looking for some person, place, or event to fix our internal unhappiness, we will probably end up pretty disappointed no matter what we achieve. Success comes from the inside-out, as we draw into our life whatever adventures we desire rather than coming from the outside-in.

When we live too long in a place of longing and neediness, it creates internal pain which often clouds our vision, causing us to miss the opportunities that are right in front of us. These low energy feelings don’t usually attract high energy opportunities.

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Therefore, it is worth our while to cultivate those feelings of gratitude and joy for our present reality, and take whatever actions are necessary toward our inner serenity today. This is where meditation can be very helpful, as it helps to create and restore our peace of mind.

It is through the quiet space of meditation, that we are able to contemplate any feelings of unrest, and calmly assess our situation. Usually, by allowing ourselves this time of introspection, we are inspired with new actions to take while at the same time, letting go of how our plans should evolve.  We get peacefully re-centered and trust that everything will arrive when it is supposed to, while releasing the grip of our own internal time table. This is definitely preferable to being unaware and reacting negatively toward ourselves and others.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with visualizing a better situation than the one we have now, but feeling dissatisfied until our dreams arrive, takes away our power and can actually prolong their arrival. Having short-term plans filled with daily delights, is just as important as our long-range objectives, and makes for a more pleasurable journey along the way.

Action Step:

Make plans for tomorrow but live for today!

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