Give Some Extra Love Today

a wayne 2

A friend of ours recently passed away at the age of 40. The suddenness of his death is a shock and has left many questions. Upon the heels of this situation, we happened upon a movie called Premonition starring Sandra Bullock which was also about sudden loss.

Though the topic was depressing and seemingly a poor choice given the recent situation with our friend, it was actually the perfect one. Our loss, coupled with the films message was a sobering reminder to enjoy each day and celebrate our loved ones for they might not be here tomorrow.

Even though we aren’t in charge of our ending, we are in charge of how we live our lives and the amount of gratitude, humility and expressions of love we share while we are here.

It is so easy to get caught up in problematic daily concerns, and have them overshadow our daily blessings. Unfortunately, these distractions can make us forget to be grateful for the connections we share, and for the miracle of life.

a gratitude 3

Celebrating each other and life with renewed awareness and appreciation is one of the lessons to be gained from loss, and learning it without losing someone is even better.

Action Step:

Give your loved ones an extra hug or thought of kindness today!

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