Don’t Sell Yourself Short

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Recently, someone asked me a question about what I was doing professionally, and I heard myself give a very minimizing answer. It reminded me of a friend who used to say, “don’t play takeaway” when speaking about ourselves or our accomplishments.

Many of us can relate to this when someone pays us a compliment, and instead of saying ‘thank you’ we downplay what was complimented. We might say, “oh, this old thing” when someone recognizes something nice we are wearing or “anyone can do that” when our creative talents are recognized.

Downplaying ourselves can become a habit and we might not even realize we are doing it until we have a moment of clarity, and really hear ourselves. I actually said to this friend after a few minutes, “you know what? I realized I just minimized my answer and would like to respond in the way that is more accurate, and the way I would have liked to respond originally.”

This led to a very meaningful conversation about how she too, can undervalue herself in certain areas of life as well. As a result of this honest and empowering exchange, we both left feeling good about ourselves and more connected with each other.

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There is nothing arrogant about accepting a compliment or feeling proud of ourselves about some aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, many of us think we are being conceited or full of ourselves if we express satisfaction about something we have done or are doing.

Humility is a beautiful quality but is quite different than putting ourselves down or minimizing any positive acknowledgments that are directed our way.

Do you catch yourself diminishing aspects of who you are?

Action Step:

Pay attention to the words you use when someone pays you a compliment or asks about your life. Be sure not to sell yourself short.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Sell Yourself Short

  1. Thank you for another great post, Cathie!

    I guess, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that what you wrote is on the spot for my personal path, again. 😉
    Actually I am finding myself diminshing aspects of who I am, all the time – and if I don’t do it and accept, for excample, a compliment by saying “thank you”: then I often feel ashamed, later, for not being modest enough.

    It seems to be quite a present topic, currently, and I am glad that I have (and take) the chance to get aware of the underlaying mechanisms and change something for a more peaceful and allowing path.

    Also I have a feeling that this topic is very much connected to the surpression and abuse of the female energy that was present for so long in the “old energy” and which now asks us to allow the release and transformation of those old patterns.

    Thank you for this empowering reminder and much love,

    • Great hearing from you Steffi! Glad we share a similar path, and can relate on many topics! 🙂 It’s wonderful how increasing our awareness allows us to more quickly notice when we are diminishing a compliment or having a negative thought, and change it into something more positive a lot sooner. Thanks for sharing your personal awareness here, and helping others in the process. Blessings, Cathie

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