Restore Your Vitality

a vitality

I had lunch with a friend of mine the other day, and we had such a great time talking the whole afternoon. She is the type of person that is extremely easy to be with, and leaves one feeling uplifted. This is in stark contrast to some of the encounters we may experience which leave us feeling drained and uninspired.

Having said that, it is important to note that “the energy we bring to an encounter with another person invites similar energy in return.” ~ Cheryl Richardson

Therefore, sometimes the unpleasant interactions we experience with others can stem from the unpleasant thoughts we may be having about them. For instance, most of us can feel when someone is angry or displeased without anyone saying a word but it is still being “energetically” communicated between each other, and they respond in kind.

a energy

It is not only our interactions with others that can affect our energy level but the way we think, and our daily habits can affect our liveliness as well. Our habits and the actions we take or don’t take make a significant difference in our level of energy and the way we feel on a consistent basis.

Everything that is left unfinished or avoided drains our vitality, as well as, not standing up for ourselves or putting ourselves down.

Therefore, it is very beneficial to go through our home, office, car and relationships and see what we are avoiding or what actions we could take to feel emotionally lighter. Do we need to make an overdue phone call, set a boundary, get our oil changed, or remove the clutter from our desk?

As we start to take care of those seemingly small things that worry and weigh on our minds, we’ll begin to feel our enthusiasm rise, and be motivated to take on the bigger challenges as we proceed.

Additionally, we will probably feel a lot more motivated to install some proactive behaviors too such as clearing our desk as we go along, instead of waiting for a large buildup of paperwork to accumulate.

a vitality2

Basically, everything we do either adds to our energy supply or depletes it. Much like our bank account, we need to be filling up our energy account as well. By spending more time around optimistic people, and doing the things that bring us joy, we replenish our resources, and expand our ability to handle whatever is draining us more effectively.

The results of feeling filled up are easily measurable by our excitement, joyful thoughts and feelings. Conversely, feeling fatigued or uninspired alerts us that our account is low or overdrawn and is in need of a positive deposit.

Therefore, nourishing our mind, body, and spirit with fulfilling daily choices, activities and attitudes will go a long way toward restoring our vitality now, and contributing to our excitement for the future as well.

What helps you feel energized?

Action Step:

Walk around your life and become aware of what makes you feel uplifted and what holds you down. Use this important information to guide your decisions on how to spend your day and with whom.

10 thoughts on “Restore Your Vitality

  1. I try to avoid negative people, Cathie. Sometimes I feel as if they are ‘energy stealers’ because I feel very tired when I’ve spend a lot of time with them. But sometimes they can’t be avoided (family for example) 😉

  2. Cathie, this is a wonderful post. Sometimes we need reminding. Yesterday, I started on the huge task of putting a small attic storage room in order. It’s going to be a long haul but just by starting, I already feel slightly lighter at the thought of how the room could look. This task has weighed heavily on my mind for too long. You are so right too about the energies different people bring and give. Thank you for your insight. Patsy

    • Thank you very much Patsy. I really appreciate your kind comments, and loved how you shared about your attic project. It is amazing how these things can ‘weigh on our mind’ as you mentioned, but glad you took the first step toward its completion! Happy to hear from you! 🙂

  3. Thank you for another very empowering post, Cathy!

    It’s true in my experience, also, that “how we call into the forest is how it will echo out of it”, as we say in Germany. And when I sometimes don’t feel all great about a meeting or phone call on the schedule it helps me to at least open to and allow the possibility that I may experience a happy surprise, this time.

    Also a great reminder that all those “little tasks” can drain a lot of energy from us when they add up. 🙂

    What ultimately helps me to feel energized is to unconditionally allow myself to be that I am. That can be, for example: When I feel blocked or drained, to sit down, breathe and allow awareness for what I need, now. And then follow that inner wisdom – even if it sometimes seems kind of “crazy”.

    Much love,

    • Love that expression you shared Steffi, “how we call into the forest is how it will echo out of it!” Also, I felt relaxed just listening to how you take the time to sit, and breathe as you look to connect with your inner wisdom. So true, that sometimes the guidance we receive can seem strange, it can often lead to enlightening results! I always appreciate your wonderful comments my friend! Thank you, Cathie

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