Know Your Limits

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Many of us look to make changes in ourselves because we want to fix what we perceive to be wrong. However, oftentimes personal growth isn’t about changing ourselves, as much as it is about learning about ourselves, and our personal limitations. We all have our limits, and all we need is to know what they are, and work within them.

For instance, each of us needs different amounts of sleep, solitude, intimacy and creative time. When we exceed or decrease those levels, we don’t feel at our best. Just because our friends or family may require more or less of these things than we do, does not make us strange for our required levels.

Unfortunately, the tendency is to compare our personal limits with someone else’s, and make ourselves wrong as a result. Many of us misdiagnose ourselves as having many personality issues because we are not aware, and conscious of our limitations. This lack of knowledge can lead to poor boundaries, choices, and consequences.

Therefore, by getting to know ourselves more intimately, we will know when we’ve reached our capacity with certain people, places and things; and make more appropriate choices as a result. Additionally, we will experience more self-acceptance and appreciation for our differences as well.

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In order to discover what is uniquely right for us, we need to pay attention, and observe through trial and error what tends to work for us and what doesn’t. As such, if we find ourselves getting agitated or restless after sitting at our computer nonstop for several hours, then maybe we need to incorporate more breaks into our sitting time. Or, if we love eating pizza but experience heartburn every time we have it, then maybe we need to modify that food choice as well.

Learning our limits is not about avoiding anything that makes us uncomfortable or resisting experiences that challenges us in some way.  After all, stretching ourselves, and improving those areas that need some adjustments is very important. However, it is about doing what personally fits our particular situation, and is ideal for us, and not trying to change those things that are a matter of preference, and taste.

So, if we enjoy the ocean instead of the desert, or vacationing close to home instead of overseas, then this is not something we need to fix. Gaining wisdom about ourselves is a life long journey, but one that becomes more gratifying as we go along through the implementation of the lessons we learn along the way.

Action Step:

Give yourself a break today by embracing your personal limits. So, if you are feeling sluggish, it might be time for a nap or a walk around the block. Explore and see what works best for you!

4 thoughts on “Know Your Limits

  1. The biggest, hardest lesson for me has been to slow down when I am tired rather than speed up.
    thank you for your most serendipitous (for me) post. I have always burnt my candle at both ends plus the sides which has served me well actually but at a price. It is no longer necessary for me to work this hard now but it has become a habit. Time to let go of a few things and enjoy that thing people call leisure occasionally. 😀

  2. Great post, Cathie. I try and find a happy medium where other people don’t think I’m being ‘selfish’ for wanting to be alone, or just take a walk, or do something I want to do instead of following the crowd. When there is a lot of family around it can be hard to find that ‘me’ time. But I’m getting there! 😀

    • Thank you Dianne! It is definitely a challenge to find a balance between alone time, and connecting with others. Ironically, that ‘selfish’ time makes us enjoy others more because we are getting our needs met individually first. Funny how that works, but sounds like you are on the right track! 🙂

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