Be Aware of Your Audience


a audienceWhen was the last time you had a good laugh? We recently went to a comedy club here in town, and what a treat it was. I give people so much credit for getting up in front of others and having to be funny on the spot. I’m sure it is a great experience to receive those desired laughs when a joke goes well, and not so fun when a joke falls flat.

As an audience member, it is painful to watch when the latter occurs, since it’s natural to feel bad about the entertainers presumed disappointment. At the show we attended, there were about five comediennes who performed before the headliner took over the stage. One of the comedienne’s subject matter was not working but he kept continuing with the same theme, in spite of that fact.

Usually, stand-up comics will change to several topics throughout their act to keep it interesting, and move on from what isn’t connecting with the crowd. Most of the performers we watched were very skilled at reading their audience, and laughter throughout the room reflected their ability.

a laugh3

Haven’t we all been guilty of ignoring or dismissing the responses we were getting, and continued interacting the same way, despite the lack of effectiveness?

No doubt, one can’t please everybody and it’s important to be true to who we are. However, sometimes, all that’s needed is a slight modification in the way we communicate, that would make all the difference.

The show was a good reminder to ‘know our audience’ and become more aware of what is working and what isn’t in all areas of life.

Action Step:

Pay attention to the reactions you are getting. Lovingly observe if some new ‘material’ or adjustments are needed in your style of presentation.


2 thoughts on “Be Aware of Your Audience

  1. This is so true of life. It reminds me of Einstein’s definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” xxx

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