2 thoughts on “Enjoy Radio Interview with Donna Sam

  1. Loved the interview. Loved what you said about boundaries, values,forgiveness and blame.
    Also I found it interesting what the host said about some people being afraid to do things on their own. I have never been like that and i usually meet other people anyway. As you know I just returned from a two week trek through Japan with my 13 year old son and I was the tour guide. I feel blessed that by the end of the trip he had become very adaptable and I don’t think he will ever be afraid to do anything on his own either. I am dealing with some big stuff from the past at the moment and your book is very helpful. 😀

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful, complimentary comments. So glad you enjoyed the interview. I appreciate your taking the time to listen to it. How terrific that you don’t have a fear of doing things alone, and are modelling that independent, adventurous spirit to your son. Sounds like the trip to Japan was quite the great experience on so many levels. Sorry to read you are having some struggles from the past but happy my book is of help to you during this time. Blessings, Cathie 🙂

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