Check In With Yourself

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Becoming aware of what is happening within, and around us is crucial for making good decisions. By checking in with ourselves on a regular basis, we become more discerning on what is needed to make our daily experiences more enjoyable.

For example, if we find ourselves feeling irritated or fatigued, having awareness will make us more likely to pause and consider why we are feeling that way, and make the appropriate adjustments. Maybe we’ll observe that we have over committed ourselves with extra volunteer projects or are not getting enough rest on a nightly basis.

Or, if we are feeling lonely, disconnected, or attracting a lot of negativity, we will observe our need for positive connection, and make plans to get together with loved ones or attend a class or social function that inspires us.

We know that setting aside quiet time each day, and writing in a journal are great ways to check in with ourselves, as well as, reading supportive materials like the one listed below.

This particular writing came across my path recently via email, and is the perfect fit for the discussion at hand. It contains some wonderful gems for inspiring productive thoughts, feelings and actions.

So, enjoy this informative list of helpful tips for guiding your choices, and improving your connection with self. 

The Choice Is Yours

By Karen Lynne Seal

If it’s not comfortable, don’t wear it

If it’s not healthy, don’t do it

If it’s not uplifting, don’t read it

If it’s not inspiring, don’t watch it

spring 3

If it’s not needed, don’t keep it

If it’s not true, don’t repeat it

If it’s not consistent, don’t believe it

If it’s not great, don’t buy it

If it’s not legal, don’t try it.


If you’re not hungry, don’t eat it

If you’re not honored, don’t beg it

If you’re not acknowledged, don’t do it

If you’re not cherished, don’t marry it


If you broke it, fix it

If you borrow it, return it

If you promised it, do it

If you blew it, admit it

If you owe it, pay it


If it’s supportive, say it

If it doesn’t flow, don’t force it

If you don’t have it, don’t spend it

If it’s abusive, leave it

If it’s unkind, confront it


If it’s negative, avoid it

If it’s a success, rejoice it

If you need help, request it

If it’s a pattern, heed it

a vitality

If it’s a grudge, drop it

If you’re not proud, stop it.

If it’s your need, honor it

If it’s your decision, defend it

If it’s your talk, walk it

If it’s your joy, pursue it

a space 2

If it’s your intent, declare it

If it’s your hurt, heal it

If it’s your truth, tell it

If it’s your right, claim it

If it’s your goal, embrace it

If it’s your fear, face it.


8 thoughts on “Check In With Yourself

  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. If every child was required to read, memorize and, hopefully, live by this list, think what an incredible world this would be.

    • I totally agree that being taught this list at an early age, and learning how to implement it, would be incredible on so many levels! So glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for your uplifting comments! 🙂

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