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Listen to a Guided Meditation

Guided meditations are a great way to relax from our own thoughts, and listen to the positive words coming from the soothing voice of the narrator instead.

By listening to the directions being provided on the recording, we are temporarily released from our daily concerns, and provided inspiring ideas to contemplate.

These meditations come in varying lengths, and therefore fit any schedule or time constraints we may have.

Most of us have at least five minutes a day to provide ourselves with the great benefits a guided meditation can offer.

Enjoy the five minute miracle listed above!

Inspire Optimism

a optimism

This article will appear in the next issue of Sibyl magazine.

Our way of being in the world encompasses every aspect of who we are, from our communication style to the way we respond to the challenges of life. Even when we aren’t speaking aloud, our body language can communicate our thoughts very clearly through facial expressions, and body postures.

We can probably think of people whose very presence elicits peace, comfort, and joy. The way they carry themselves, and the love they exude, is transmitted through their very essence. Their positive energy puts people at ease, while inspiring courage, possibilities, hope and self-confidence.

These loving people have looked within themselves, and by experiencing self-love have brought love to others. They radiate acceptance, and the ability to overcome any adversity that comes their way. It is a gift to meet these compassionate people, because they demonstrate what is possible for each of us, and inspire optimism.

We all have the capacity to live our lives in a joyful manner but sometimes our early conditioning can disrupt the flow of good feelings. For instance, if someone once told us we were not very talented, we may have become accustomed to believing it, and feeling insecure as a result. This insecurity naturally inhibits the full expression of our being, and the manner in which we walk through life. Therefore, it is not always a matter of changing ourselves as much as it is about rediscovering ourselves underneath the faulty programming that was embedded long ago.

Awareness is the key to unlocking any disempowering messages we many have received, and allow our authentic selves to come forth. We gain awareness and connection with our authentic selves by quieting our busy minds, and listening to our inner observer. This is the part of us that is assessing our world, and trying to get our attention. However, if we aren’t allowing any quiet time into our day, we won’t hear the guidance being sent, and the busyness will continue to conceal, and drowned out this wonderful internal guide.

In addition to quiet time, there is an abundance of wellness resources available to help open up our mind. These sources of knowledge can help us to excavate our old perceptions, and exchange them for more life affirming insights. By spending more time around optimistic people, and attending uplifting events, we start to hear new ideas beyond the sameness of our own thoughts, and believe in possibilities.

The more knowledge and wisdom we cultivate, the more likely we will uncover those healing feelings of peace, comfort, and joy from the depth of our being. We will personally experience the positive effects from uprooting any negativity, and begin to blossom into the person we were meant to be. Our positive feelings, and new way of being will spread out to others, inspiring the same kind of optimism, courage, and hope that originally inspired us!

Action Step:

Consider your level of optimism, and see what thoughts may be blocking your joy.

Join In The Conversation

a radio

Charlotte Spicer and I were together on her Spiritual Insights Radio program on Monday July 14 at 4:00 pm ET, after announcing it here the day before.

Thanks to all who were able to join us.

To listen to a recording of the interview please click this link.




Eat Live Life

a mind body spirit

Eat Live Life is a site filled with a wealth of nourishing information to ‘help you get the most out of every aspect of your health, and wellness.’

Merwin Davies is the founder of this wonderful space, and he is truly passionate about empowering people to improve their lives.

He shares his personal experiences, and tips on how to help you take charge of your own well-being.

Recently, I was asked to write a guest post for this wonderful site which was a real honor.

Enjoy your visit there!

a Eat Live Life


Consider Joining a Group

Group of Friends with Arms Around Each Other


                                                                          G – Growth

                                                                          R – Rejuvenation

                                                                          O – Openness

                                                                          U – Unity

                                                                          P – Participation

There are many words we can use to describe the benefits of being part of a group, and those listed above are just a few. Being part of a group offers a way to connect with like-minded people, and create positive experiences together, while simultaneously enhancing our sense of self.

Since the opening of A Mindfulness Life Center last month, I have been facilitating a variety of book studies, and mindfulness discussion groups which has been a real treat. These weekly discussions have been focused on living in the present moment, and gaining a heightened awareness of our thoughts, words, and actions without judgment.

The goal has been to provide a safe space to contemplate the questions listed below, and introduce simple, time-proven practices, techniques, and experiences that transform and enhance lives, both individually and collectively.

Having regular conversations on ways to live more purposefully, and following up with action, has led to more clarity, contentment, and confidence. Discussing encouraging topics with applicable readings has also generated inspiring connections among the participants as well.

The feedback we’ve received so far has illustrated how important connecting with others can be in a safe environment conducive to personal growth, and relaxation. It is helping people find greater fulfillment in their everyday lives, and feeling good about themselves in a whole new way!

Some of the questions we consider are:

• Do you feel as present and aware as you would like to be in your life?

• Would you like to enjoy more positive thoughts and emotions?

• Is living more purposefully something that sounds of interest to you?

• Would you like to experience more self-acceptance, compassion and clear conscious decision-making?

• Are there relationships in your life which need improvement?

• Do you want to feel inspired?

Everyone, even those who may seem relatively content, can achieve higher levels of love, joy, and success.

What does GROUP mean to you?

Action Step:

Consider joining a group with like-minded individuals on a subject that interests you.