Consider Joining a Group

Group of Friends with Arms Around Each Other


                                                                          G – Growth

                                                                          R – Rejuvenation

                                                                          O – Openness

                                                                          U – Unity

                                                                          P – Participation

There are many words we can use to describe the benefits of being part of a group, and those listed above are just a few. Being part of a group offers a way to connect with like-minded people, and create positive experiences together, while simultaneously enhancing our sense of self.

Since the opening of A Mindfulness Life Center last month, I have been facilitating a variety of book studies, and mindfulness discussion groups which has been a real treat. These weekly discussions have been focused on living in the present moment, and gaining a heightened awareness of our thoughts, words, and actions without judgment.

The goal has been to provide a safe space to contemplate the questions listed below, and introduce simple, time-proven practices, techniques, and experiences that transform and enhance lives, both individually and collectively.

Having regular conversations on ways to live more purposefully, and following up with action, has led to more clarity, contentment, and confidence. Discussing encouraging topics with applicable readings has also generated inspiring connections among the participants as well.

The feedback we’ve received so far has illustrated how important connecting with others can be in a safe environment conducive to personal growth, and relaxation. It is helping people find greater fulfillment in their everyday lives, and feeling good about themselves in a whole new way!

Some of the questions we consider are:

• Do you feel as present and aware as you would like to be in your life?

• Would you like to enjoy more positive thoughts and emotions?

• Is living more purposefully something that sounds of interest to you?

• Would you like to experience more self-acceptance, compassion and clear conscious decision-making?

• Are there relationships in your life which need improvement?

• Do you want to feel inspired?

Everyone, even those who may seem relatively content, can achieve higher levels of love, joy, and success.

What does GROUP mean to you?

Action Step:

Consider joining a group with like-minded individuals on a subject that interests you.

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