Make a Personal Statement

a adjective

What’s in a name? Plenty!

Since everyone recognizes him or herself by name, it is important that the one we’ve been given be interpreted in a positive way.

One way to view our name, and expand upon it, is through the use of affirmative word association, where we can create our own personalized statement.

By using the letters from your first name, and matching them with uplifting words that begin with those same letters, we can give our name a whole new meaning.

So, for instance, if your name is Janet you could come up with following list of words:

                                                                           J = Joyful

                                                                           A = Awesome

                                                                           N = Nice

                                                                           E = Exceptional

                                                                           T = Thoughtful

By combining this list, your personalized declaration would be, “I AM joyful, awesome, nice, exceptional and thoughtful.”

Anything that follows, “I AM….” is very powerful, and especially effective when combined with our own name.

By using positive words to describe ourselves, and saying them as a daily mantra, we can celebrate ourselves in a whole new way!

a name

What does your name reveal?

Action Step:

Create a personalized statement as described above, and share it here if you’d like.



10 thoughts on “Make a Personal Statement

  1. I am:

    S erene
    T otally awesome
    E legant
    F riendly
    A ware
    N ice
    I nspired
    E ase and grace


    or short:

    S erene
    T otally awesome
    E legant
    F riendly
    F ree
    I nspired


    Thank you, dear Cathie – for me you are so cool, awesome, thoughtful, heavenly, inspired, exceptional!

    Much love!

    • Hi Steffi! LOVE your personal statement, and it’s definitely all true! I am also very touched on how incredibly thoughtful of you to add one for my name too! Thanks for taking the time to do the action step in its entirety by sharing it with all of us. Hope your time off as been wonderful. Great hearing from you as always! Blessings, Cathie

      • Hej Cathie!

        Actually, I am writing this directly from my summer break (which is, shall we say: moved and much needed… 😉 ). When I saw the notification for your new post something invited me strongly to look it up, right away, and, like always, your message reached me at the perfect time. So, you see I just had to speak up and share. 🙂
        Hope things are going great for you. – Looks like a lot of cool things have been happening for you (with which I’ll hopefully catch up when I’m back).

        Have a beautiful weekend!

      • Hi Steffi! I’m honored you took time out of your summer break to read and respond to this post! Your comments really added so much which I appreciate, and know others enjoy reading too! So glad the message spoke to you enough that you felt moved to share, and that it arrived right on time. We are often on the same page which is really great! Enjoy the rest of your break, and we will catch up more when you return. 🙂 Blessings, Cathie

  2. That is a great idea, I do have this picture on my computer, but never thought of doing the name like that… Yours Unique Thoughtful Enthusiastic…..Ute ♥

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