Don’t Rush It

a journey

Recently, we took a few days away from our schedules, and went to the beach. During that time we weren’t rushing around or making tons of plans. We took one day at a time, and just relaxed. During those days of relaxation, it really brought awareness to all the rushing around we normally do in our regular routine.

The question that continues to come up these days is “What’s the rush?”

This has become an especially significant question as I contemplate a conversation we had with someone we met on vacation. She shared her experience of rushing around all her life in order to get to her retirement years, so she and her husband could finally relax.

Unfortunately, her husband passed away before they reached retirement, and now she is a widow which wasn’t part of her plans. She is now in the longed for time in her life but misses her husband terribly. Had she known it was going to be this way, she would have savored her days with him more during their time together, and not tried to rush her life along to the next stage.

It was a sobering conversation, and good reminder to not rush through our days but to relish them. It is great to have future goals, and plans but equally important to enjoy the trip along the way, with the people we value most.

Acton Step:

If you find yourself rushing around, and pining for a future time in your life, take a deep breath, and embrace this moment.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Rush It

  1. Thank you, Cathie, for sharing this story.

    It truly is a reminder to live in the now.
    My husband and I often take time to talk and spend time with each other. We also take time for ourselves. Sometimes, when I notice how everybody is rushing around me, I wonder, if I am missing something by not chiming in and if I am just too weak to participate in “real life”. Reading the story of your vacation acquaintance reminds me, that there can be nothing more important than savouring the now. I truly hope that, in spite of her loss, she also finds joy in many now-moments.

    Much love – and a happy Now,

    • Thank you Steffi! It is wonderful to read how you value, and enjoy your time together with your husband while appreciating alone time as well. Agreed, that it can sometimes feel like we’re missing something when not rushing around like the crowd, but what a gift to realize how much is actually missed when not embracing the now. Enjoy every minute. Blessings, Cathie

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