Keep Acquiring Knowledge

a word of day 6

When I was a little girl, there was a word of the day section listed in our local newspaper. As a way of learning something new each day, my dad would quiz me about a given word, and make sure I understood its meaning. At the time, given my age, I would have rather spent all my time playing outside with the neighbor kids. However, I made sure to find the daily word before he would ask me about it because I wanted, and needed to be prepared.

Ironically, there is an uplifting publication called, “The Daily Word” which I read each day too which is filled with wonderful thoughts to meditate on, and expands awareness.

Who knows if those early days of word testing didn’t ignite my love of writing or the reason I love the game of scrabble or enjoy learning today?  We often hear that ‘knowledge is power,’ and expanding my vocabulary has been a wonderful advantage to me during my schooling years, and to this day.

The memory of that word game is a reminder to keep on learning in all areas of life, and not just recycle the same information.

What positive memories or practices did you get introduced to early in life that has shaped who you are today?

Action Step:

Keep the door open to your mind, and fill it with something fresh and new.


6 thoughts on “Keep Acquiring Knowledge

  1. There were no positive experiences in my early life that would account for my fascination in all things knowledge based. I just seemed to find the pursuit of knowledge so interesting. If anything I have been discouraged all my life but I never took any notice of the discourages. I try to be very encouraging to people particularly young people in case they come from a “never is heard an encouraging word” background like I did. Thank God for books. ❤

  2. Thank you so much for sharing another beautiful (and beautifully written) post, dear Cathie!
    How joyfully inspiring to read about this memory of yours and how it still accompanies you.

    Actually, I often feel very grateful for the experiences in life which shaped me (those that I am aware of). The ones from early life as well as those which introduced me to new paths and perspectives later in life.

    One experience from my early life that shaped me surely was the time in grade school. In those days the school was on the outskirt of the city in the midst of farms. Our teacher often took us outside during “wind and weather” and showed us how to know one plant from another as well as how to read animal tracks. This connection to nature definitely shaped my life in a positive, happy way.

    Another experience from my mid/ late 20’s – a not so happy period in my life – is that I met a lady in the (rather depressive) pub I used to hang out regularly who saw my light and my potential even in the darkest hours. She must be maybe 10 years older than me and never failed to gift me a smile when I needed it most. One day she said to me: “Steffi, mach Dich mal ein bisschen groß.” (Steffi, come on and make yourself a little big/ tall.) Until today I often remember that moment and how her words still help me to grow.
    (Didn’t I share part of that story, before…?)

    Sending much love to you,

    • Love your comments Steffi! Thank you for sharing such beautiful experiences. How great that your teacher provided a ‘hands on’ experience of nature, and didn’t just relay the information in a classroom setting. It is really special when teachers take that extra step. Also, how beautiful that someone helped you to see your ‘light’ when you weren’t able to. It certainly speaks to the impact that a smile, and a kind, encouraging word can have in someones life. I don’t recall your sharing that story before, so I’m glad you chose to now! Blessings my friend, Cathie

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