Find Your Place of Serenity

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Something about the ocean is undeniably beautiful, powerful, and spiritual. Certainly, the same can be said for the mountains, lakes and streams, which all elicit an equivalent awe and wonder of nature. It is rejuvenating for the mind, body and spirit, to spend time in our natural surroundings, for which there is so much beauty to choose from. There are numerous ways to peacefully connect with our external environment, and experience its serene effect on our internal environment as well.

By taking outdoor walks, watching a beautiful sunset, or gazing at the evening stars, we witness the amazing choreography of our environment, and are reminded how amazing the healing power of nature can be. When we allow ourselves this time to reflect and catch our breath, we avail ourselves of the transformative power and growth which occur during the quiet moments in life.

In doing so, we become more focused on possibilities, and what is right in our world, rather than choosing to focus on what may not be working. We become grateful and aware of our precious time, and look to create more balance in our schedules.

Unfortunately, the busyness of our lives can pull us away from noticing the lovely settings which surround us, and allow them to fade into the background of our lives. This lack of awareness and connection can prevent us from the serenity we long to experience within us. We frequently allow our tranquility to become disturbed by experiencing an overwhelming amount of sensory overload, such as:

  1. Noisy television
  2. Overbooked schedules
  3. Excessive connection with social media

The more we make room in our lives for stillness and serenity by reducing the noise level around us, the more we are able to ‘hear’ the messages from our inner selves. Typically, it is only during our annual vacations that we allow ourselves the time to reconnect with the delights of our exterior world, and give consideration to our interior world as well.

It is only then that we delegate more of our time to relaxation, and connecting with the peacefulness and silence of nature. Likewise, we often spend a great deal of time and effort planning our trips, but we can begin devoting a similar commitment to our daily mental health during the rest of the year also.

There are unlimited ways to create our day, and a variety of choices in how we spend our valuable time. One thing is for sure, that peace, and serenity are essential to our well-being, and is certainly worth our attention.

One cannot underestimate the importance of introspection in our daily lives, as it has a profound impact on the way we think, act, and operate in our relationships. Therefore, it is never too late to begin nurturing the serenity within us, which is undeniably beautiful, powerful, and spiritual like nature itself.

Action Step:

Pay extra attention to your surroundings today by taking a walk outdoors, watching a beautiful sunset, or gazing at the evening stars.

4 thoughts on “Find Your Place of Serenity

  1. I absolutely agree with your profound and beautifully written post, Cathie.

    There is a lot of beauty in this world and the more we pay attention to it, the more we will see of it. I am lucky as I live in a metropolis (well, at leat it’s the second biggest city in my country) with a river running through it as well as a lot of parks and preserved nature in and around the area. One of the parks is right across the street of my apartement. Yet, I have been to other places where they have less greens and I believe we can find a little bit of beauty anywhere if we just look out for it – like gazing at the stars.

    The place where I find most serenity is actually my balcony of about 2 square metres size. It goes to the backyard of the house and a plum tree is standing nearby. Also, we have planted many herbs and wild flowers, so we have regular visits of all kinds of insects and birds.

    Thank you for this reminder to take time for some peaceful moments during the day! Highly apreciated. 🙂

    Much love,

    • Thanks so much Steffi! Great to hear how you are enjoying nature, and that one of your precious spots is right outside your door! Your balcony area sounds wonderful with the added joy of the plum tree near by too! The park across the street from where you live sounds really nice as well. You paint a lovely setting of the beauty around you which I appreciate you sharing. I get to enjoy it from afar along with the sights and sounds of my own backyard too! 🙂 Blessings my friend, Cathie

  2. My son is lucky because although we live in an inner city area, he walks along Merri Creek path to school every day and I walk my dogs there too. ❤

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