Just Be Yourself

a just be you 2

I was watching a dance competition the other night, and at one point the dance instructor said to a contestant, “just be yourself.” Up until that point, he had been acting a certain way that came across as inauthentic, and reflected in his performance.

His overall uneasiness was evident, as his movements looked forced, and uncomfortable. Certainly, there is the expected nervousness that a competition can bring, and his courage was evident too.

However, by his own admission, he was trying to dance like the other people on the show, and not playing to his own strengths. Not only was the scoring from the judges of his routines unpleasant to witness, but surely the dancing was not enjoyable for him to perform as well.

As soon as he was told to, “just be yourself,” there was an immediate look of relief on his face, as he had gotten caught in the act, and didn’t have to pretend anymore.

Therefore, when he returned to the competition, and started relaxing into being himself, he did a much better job, got better scores, and certainly looked more comfortable in his own skin.

This made me think about how easy it can be to play a part in life too by acting a certain way, and trying to be like other people. Usually, inauthenticity can be seen, and felt by others, and felt within ourselves as well.

What a relief when we start being true to ourselves, and stop performing for the approval of others but live for our own approval instead.

Ironically, the less we perform, and the more genuine we are, the more people are attracted to us as never before.

Action Step:

Listen to the music of your own heart, and do what feels right for you today.


6 thoughts on “Just Be Yourself

  1. Thank you for another wonderful post, Cathie!
    So beautifully observed and written… These days, I’ve been thinking about similar impressions and experiences a lot. It can feel scary when we just are – authentic and pure. It can feel open and vulnerable. What, if somebody critizises me now? Yet, in my experience, the most critique comes from trying to act like we think we should as opposed to just act as we are. In a performance context I especially noticed that when I participated in theatre groups. The more authentic I was on stage, the more I was able to connect with and touch the audience. The stage, however, is merely a mirror for life itself.
    Much love,

    • Many thanks for your kind words Steffi, and for your always insightful comments! Your reference of the stage being a mirror of life itself is a great one. Giving an authentic presentation of ourselves on the stage of life, tends to attract genuineness in return since what we give out tends to come back to us. So true that it can be scary sometimes to risk being ourselves but a greater risk in losing ourselves when we portray someone else. Blessings, Cathie

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