Pick Your Battles

a distraction 2

Not every battle is worth fighting.

There are many situations throughout the day that one could choose to get upset about, but just as many opportunities for letting things go as well.

Becoming easily offended, or having to prove we’re right can bring about unnecessary discord in our life, and blow minor situations out of proportion.

For instance, when someone cuts us off in traffic, it is not worth spending all day upset about it or chasing them down to prove a point.

Additionally, wasting our energy getting upset about everything our coworkers, neighbors and acquaintances are doing is equally draining, and doesn’t bring a peaceful return on this emotional investment.

Therefore, instead of focusing on every disturbance we are presented with, we could thoughtfully pick our battles, and free up more energy for all that brings us joy.

Certainly, there are times to speak up for ourselves, but other times it’s more beneficial to shift our attention onto more pleasing pursuits.

Often, upon inspection, many of our challenges come from taking the behavior of others too personally, which can create needless battles within and around us, and distracts us from all that is pleasurable.

Action Step:

If you are struggling with something today, notice if the cost to your peace of mind is worth the price.


4 thoughts on “Pick Your Battles

  1. Thank you, dear Cathie, for your always beautiful posts! 💖

    There it is, again, the topic of letting go… 🍃
    What you wrote is so true in my own experience. By becoming too easily offended and focussing too much on disturbances we give even more energy to what upsets us – and by that create more of it.
    Personally, I noticed that I tend to do so when something within me resonates on some level with the upsetting issue; a judgement about myself, maybe, or a fear or some other kind of unhappy memory. That’s why I (as best as I can) take situations like that as an invitation to clear up/ heal those hurtful judgements, fears and memories rather than choosing to battle.

    Thank you for always reminding us of the tools available for leading a peaceful, happy life! 🌹

    Much love,

    • Lovely and wise comments as usual Steffi! Thanks for your always wonderful contributions and insights. It is so true that situations in our lives can be an invitation to look within, ‘to clear and heal those hurtful judgments, fears and memories’ we have within us, and spend less time giving our precious energy looking outward. Blessings, Cathie

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