Enjoy The Simple Things

a poster board i made

When I give a presentation at A Mindfulness Life Center, I always create a fun poster board to accompany the topic I am presenting that evening. Recently, I did a four week program entitled, Emotional Freedom and Self-Care series. Several of the participants from last night enjoyed this poster board so much, that they each took a picture of it, and I thought I would pass it along to you as well.

It is a good accompaniment to yesterday’s post which had the prayer alone that is also shown in the picture above. It can be used as a great visualization or meditation board to keep our focus on love and all those experiences that touch us emotionally and spiritually as well.

You’ll also notice a glimpse of another poster board nearby that focuses on the pictures of our lives, concerning our past, present and future. We get to choose how we will interpret the past, embrace the present, and create our future by the positive thoughts we think in the now!

We were also discussing the importance of having fun in our lives, and how easy it is to forget the simple things that bring us pleasure because we are focused on problems, tasks and other distractions.

As you’ll see in the poster board, one section says LIVE with a little girl walking on the beach. Another one says LOVE with the cutest little kissing doggies and the remaining two are LAUGH with snoopy and LET GO with a candle and flower to symbolize the peace and serenity of releasing our grip on the challenges we face.

Heartwarming pictures can instantly and effortlessly help us to feel good, and put a smile on our face without having to work so hard at finding our joy.

Action Step:

Surround yourself with uplifting pictures, sayings and things that make you feel good.

love july

4 thoughts on “Enjoy The Simple Things

  1. Thank you for all the inspiration you are sharing, Cathie!
    It’s great to see how much fun and depth you and the participants of your program share with each other.

    Regarding the simple things:
    Sometimes a good cup of hot tea, a candle and the smile of my husband work wonder for me. In fact, I consider this abundance. 🙂

    Much love and happy holy-days,

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