See A Mindfulness Life Center on TV

a mindful woman 2

It is a great pleasure to be a part of A Mindfulness Life Center, and see it televised this week on a local lifestyle show entitled Sonoran Living Live.

I was happy to be there for the filming of it, and to be there regularly to coach and facilitate personal growth workshop series on a regular basis.

It still amazes me how the center evolved from an idea that was shared with us at dinner one night, to becoming a reality one step at a time.

The current owner had a vision of a calming place for the community, and sought out collective sharing of ideas for its implementation, and offerings.

Now even a year old yet, the centers reach is expanding rapidly, along with its peaceful effects.


6 thoughts on “See A Mindfulness Life Center on TV

  1. How wonderful, Cathie!
    I love the peace that comes through in the show as well as the gift shop where I saw your book in one of the shelves. How wonderful that the interviewer took some time to meditate, herself, before starting the interview. That is truly spreading the peace. 🙂
    Much love,

    • Thanks for sharing your always wonderful comments Steffi! Yes, it was fun seeing my book in the show, and making a very small meditation appearance myself in the class where people were lying down. (I was the one in the pink striped top). I thought the interviewer did a nice job all around, and the peace did seem to come through nicely too, as you mentioned and observed. Blessings my friend, Cathie

      • So, I see you even had a close up in the clip! Thank you for he hint with the pink striped top, so that I could notice it better. I am good in reading energies of people even from photos but strangely enough I am not very good in noticing the pictures of people – especially as I had only known one beautiful immage of you (the one which is shown in the sidebar). 🙂
        Great to hear (read) that you felt in good hands with the interviewer, over all.
        Much love,

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