Surrender to the Moment

a surrender 2

“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”

— John A. Shedd

Hope this first month of the New Year is going well for everyone.

I like the quote above as it indicates that it may be more comfortable staying put, and not venturing into the unknown but that’s not allowing ourselves to set sail into new adventures when our spirit is calling us to do so.

Over the past several months, we have been involved in selling our house as we felt called to reduce, and loosen from our home base, our ‘dock’ so to speak. This choice was made with good intentions, plans, and goals; however, there have been some unexpected twists and turns along the way which has made the process a challenging one.

Much like a stormy night at sea, we are riding the waves, as we are still in the midst of our moving journey. Though we are moving only a short distance away, it is requiring some letting go, and surrendering,

However, we know that this too shall pass and smoother sailing is ahead. We shall sea where this new period in our life takes us.

One way or the other, an adventure awaits.

When was the last time you ventured out of your comfort zone, and how was the ride?

Action Step:

Meditate on these encouraging words.

a surrender

4 thoughts on “Surrender to the Moment

  1. I hope the waves calm down and allow a more gentle ride for you and your loved ones, dear Cathie. These new times can feel challenging and following the call and changing the habit of a familiar lifestyle can feel challenging as well. It shows a lot of courage to follow one’s heart and move, now. I have a feeling that this courage is rewarded with something great and beautiful. I don’t know if you can see it, right now, or if it is hidden in the mist of the stirred up energies that all the shift and change can bring. But I feel, that following those inner callings is the way to go to create something new and beautiful for all of us in this world.

    How do I know that?

    That leads me to the answer of your question:
    Actually, 2014 basically gifted me with 12 months of non comfort zone. The shifts and changes of the recent years pushed me out of my comfort zone so far that shift slowly seems to become my new “normal”. The beauty that comes with it is total freedom to create each day anew. And it seems to me, I am only beginning to explore the potentials that lay within this.

    May your adventures be beautiful and joyful ones as your ship is carrying you to new shores full of wonder!

    Much love,

    • What beautiful and supportive comments Steffi! Thank you! It is great to hear that you felt ‘gifted’ being outside your comfort zone, with the freedom it brought you, and the insights it continues to provide. Though the unknown can be scary, and the process of change uncomfortable at times; it does seem to expand our inner and outer world in amazingly positive ways. Blessings my friend, Cathie

  2. The surrendering of ideas, expectations and material goods allows the universe to put others out there for us to invite into our world. When I moved from one place to another, with each ‘thing’ I let go, I felt cleaner, freer and lighter. I hope you are able to take your new found feelings and embrace them!

    • Thanks for your wonderful comments! So true, that surrendering the old, allows new experiences from the universe into our lives. Moving is definitely a way to jump start the clearing away process, and find more freedom on the other side. Though the transition is uncomfortable, I’m sure the benefits will be felt as time goes along.

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