Stop Making Yourself Wrong

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I was having a conversation with someone last night, and one of the highlights of our discussion was how easy it is to make ourselves wrong.

Naturally, it is hard to feel internal peace if we feel wrong about our decisions, and choices on a regular basis. We all make mistakes but living as though we are a mistake is another matter entirely.

Ironically, it isn’t our decisions that are causing us grief, as much as, our lack of gentleness with ourselves, especially if a choice we make doesn’t feel as we’d hoped it would.

Granted, maybe we can make better choices in a number of situations, but beating ourselves up is more of a problem, than our decision making abilities.

Critical self-judgment does not help us improve anything, and actually harms us by locking our pain and patterns into place. Acceptance of ourselves, however, allows us to look at those areas that aren’t working for us with loving compassion, and gives us the energy and awareness to make empowering corrections.

Action Step:

Start being gentle and kind with yourself today. Become aware that the real problem is often self-criticism, and not the situation you are beating yourself up about.

12 thoughts on “Stop Making Yourself Wrong

  1. Dear Cathie!

    Thank you for this warm, encouraging post. So true!
    Note to Self: Step One – Decide to stop beating yourself up for the decision to beat yourself up. Step Two – Decide to forgive and comfort yourself. Step Three – Decide to make better decisions from now on. … 🙂

    Much love,

  2. Great post. Why are some people so hard on themselves and others not at all? I continually tell my son he is wonderful and doesn’t have to be perfect so perhaps he won’t grow up being hard on himself. Breathing and gratitude I think are the keys to joy, ❤

    • What a great, positive foundation your son is receiving from a Mom who is encouraging, supportive and loving. Even for those of us who didn’t receive this type of upbringing, can learn to look for what is wonderful about ourselves, and surround ourselves with caring people. Through awareness we can catch those thoughts that bring us down, and replace them with something more loving. Love your keys to joy. 🙂

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